Dream journey to the West: attack the most time-consuming summon beast, players make fun of the national football team

2022-05-10 0 By

Everybody is good!I am fat tiger, “fat tiger westward Journey” every day to bring a dream of all kinds of interesting news, love life, love dream.8JN Forest Bird Bubble Fairy 8 Skill Bubble Fairy, attack qualification 1637, growth 1.3, also beat a forest bird.With the higher and higher requirements for the task of pet, the price of birds and beasts in the forest is also rising, and it is very rare to call 8 skill summon beasts.Crystal clear formula white shoes and a pit prevention guide to create a circle, the maker is called crystal clear formula, deliberately put a pair of 80 white shoes 25 million dream money, to pit eyes not good brothers.New Year’s Eve, evaluated several pieces of equipment, jumped out of the bull no level achievement, a 140 no level greatsword, attributes also blew a lot.China’s national football team lost 3-1 to Vietnam in a World Cup qualifier last night.In the dream, some players also watched the game, transsion can not help but ridicule the National football team.The most time-consuming summoner is one of the slowest, very inky.Sword swing is the most moji skill, when the moji hit the moji, teammates saw this machine man swing with the sword, after watching the car.