Of the eight most beautiful Bridges in Xinjiang, remember to clock in the last one

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In xinjiang is a bridge connecting another beautiful scenery from fruit valley to which, from the ili river to the kaidu river bridge in xinjiang less grand, more a amorous feelings of the kaidu river bridge kaidu river bridge is located at bazhou yanqi county, the old bridge was built in 1965, October 1, 2015, to build new east bridge in bridge site was formally opened.At the end of February and the beginning of March every year, when the Kaidu River breaks the ice, standing on the bridge can see the spectacular scene of kaidu River “unsealed”.Drive 20 minutes south from the Kaidu River Bridge along national Highway 3012, and you will arrive at The Lake of Xiangsi in Yanqi County.Acacia Lake is a rare “micro-mountain lake” in Xinjiang. It has abundant sunshine, pure resources and pleasant climate. It integrates sandy beach, water area and reed.Since the beginning of summer, the green reed beds, blue water, flying seabirds, wandering fish and shrimp of Yanqi County Xiangsi Lake set off each other, forming a beautiful landscape scroll, becoming a holy land for tourists to visit and summer vacation.From Urumqi, it takes about 5 hours and 30 minutes to reach the Kaidu River Bridge by driving along the Tuhe Expressway.From the bridge along the Tuhe highway continue to drive 19 kilometers south will arrive at the Acacia Lake tourist resort.Yili River Bridge to Yili if not to yili River bridge around, it is really missed most of the local conditions and customs of Yining City.Yili River Bridge was built in 1975, 44 years here has always been the most proud of a city name card of Yining people.The Ili River Bridge in the evening is absolutely beautiful.That round of golden sunset, along the river to follow hidden, in the sinking moment, the whole river is like batik general red yan, the river shimmering wave light, forming a “long river falls yen” moving picture.In the local area, it is said that dating on the Ili River bridge will bring lovers good luck. The water of the Ili River will wash away the traces of unhappiness and the bridge will connect lovers’ hearts to each other.In summer, children playing by the river, tourists watching the sunset on the bridge and couples strolling along the bank form the most beautiful picture of the Ili River Bridge.Start from Urumqi, drive along Lian-Huo Expressway and then Qingyi Expressway for about 9 hours and 30 minutes, then enter Yining city, and then reach Yili River Bridge along Jiefang West Road and Xihuan Road.In summer, the sun sets from 9 PM in Yining City, and from 9 PM to 10 PM is the best time to watch the sunset from the Ili River Bridge.Tarim River Bridge Built in 1995, tarim River Bridge is the first bridge to exploit tarim oil. It is the only way to the Taklimakan Desert and the boundary point between the upper and middle reaches of Tarim River.Under the bridge, the Tarim River is China’s largest inland river, known as “wild horse without REINS”.Tarim River basin not only has various natural wonders, but also retains a large number of ancient civilization sites, rich in cultural tourism resources, which can be regarded as the treasure house of ancient civilization in the world.Luntai county north of the tarim river bridge side, populus euphratica forest park, the east desert south of the world’s longest desert grade highway and the taklamakan desert is linked together, the world’s second largest desert in lunnan area of oilfield are north scenic area and national western development key gas transmission project “west-east gas” first, forming a bridge of tahe oilfield is centered the unity of natural attractions and cultural landscape and unique scenic spots.Starting from Urumqi, it takes about 12 hours to drive along Jingxin Expressway, Tuhe Expressway and Provincial Highway 201 to reach the Bridge of Tarim River.Standing on the bridge of Tarim River, you can enjoy the tarim River as far as the eye can see.Known as “The first bridge in Xinjiang”, The Guozigou Bridge is definitely worthy of the name. Every tourist who comes to the Guozigou Bridge is attracted by its majestic momentum and scenery on both sides.As the first cable-stayed bridge and the first high bridge in Xinjiang, Guozigou Bridge is the largest and most important bridge in Xinjiang.It is the first highway steel truss cable-stayed bridge in China, which integrates new technology, new structure, new technology and new equipment. It is a major breakthrough in the history of xinjiang highway construction.From the Guozigou Bridge, through the last tunnel, you will have a panoramic view of Selimu Lake, known as “the last tear in the Atlantic Ocean”, and countless tourists will be enchanted by the change of scenery.Tianshan Gorge gorge, mountain high valley deep, there are snow mountain, grassland, valley, manshan fruit trees, cattle and sheep, herdsmen grazing…Guozigou is also the throat of China’s Silk Road to Central Asia and Europe, known as the “iron Pass.”From Urumqi, it takes about 9 hours and 30 minutes to reach Guozigou Bridge by driving along lianhuo Expressway.It should be noted that it is forbidden to park on the bridge surface to take photos. Tourists can find shooting spots under the bridge or in the Scenic area of Guozigou.Ertysh River Bridge Ertysh River Bridge located in the southeast of Burjin County, the bridge spans the Ertysh River which flows through Burjin County.As the only outflow river that flows into the Arctic Ocean in China, ertysh River has abundant water and concentrated drop, which contains abundant water energy resources.The most famous scenic spot in the Ertysh River basin is the Colorful Beach, which is 480 meters above sea level and 24 kilometers from Buerjin county. It is also the only way to The Kanas Scenic spot.Starting from Urumqi, it takes about 8 hours to reach the Ertsis River Bridge along provincial Road 201, Kuia Expressway and Provincial Road 217.From the Ertysi River bridge along the 227 provincial Highway drive 30 minutes, you can reach the colorful beach wind scenic area.Yarqiang River Bridge Located on the Yarqiang River, yarqiang River Bridge is the longest bridge in Southern Xinjiang, with a length of more than 1,500 meters.The Yarqiang River is the largest river in Kashgar. It originates in the majestic Karakoram Mountain range and runs through Aksu.Overlooking from the air, the earth is like a golden carpet covered with many rivers and lakes inlaid on it, forming a magical desert forest landscape, magnificent and vast.Late spring season, the river valley on both sides of a hundred years of apricot trees bloom, apricot flowers covered with river farmland, the house in front of the house, an extraordinary apricot village.It takes about 16 hours to reach the Yarqiang River Bridge by driving along the Tuhe Expressway from Urumqi.Urumqi West Bridge There is no doubt that the West Bridge has become one of the city cards of Urumqi.Here, you can feel the capital’s most bustling night scene, as well as the constant flow of traffic and people.From The Hongqiao in 1763, to the Gongning Bridge in 1906, to the West Bridge after the reconstruction in 1996, it has witnessed the changes of modern development of the capital.Standing on the West Bridge and looking toward the north of urumqi, you can see hongshan Pagoda, another landmark of Urumqi.West Bridge is located on Youyou South Road, directly in front of Urumqi People’s Park (West Park).Kekedara Bridge Kekedara Bridge is located in Kekedara City, the fourth Division of Xinjiang Construction Corps, across the Ili River.The bridge has a total length of 2527 meters and a total width of 32.5 meters. The main bridge is a 600-meter prestressed concrete cable-stayed bridge. The cable pylons are double-column variable section H-shaped towers with a height of 107.5 meters.Kekedara bridge flies north and south, like a “rainbow” across the Yili River, greatly convenient for people on both sides of the travel, ended the yili River since the establishment of the fourth Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps of regimentaries on both sides of the 60 years of direct access to the history.As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Xinjiang bridge connects not only the traffic between the two sides, but also the beautiful scenery of the northern and southern parts of Xinjiang. Please join us for a tour of the bridge