Careless guy “lost” car zealous police help them find

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At about 16:00 on February 7, the Xiangguosi police station, Gulou Branch of the Public Security Bureau in Kaifeng city, received an order from the police command center: A caller called for help from a single person claiming that their e-bike was missing from a single street in Pigeon City.After receiving the police, the prime Minister temple police station on duty chu Hengling, Li Dong led auxiliary police Zhu Weiming, Xing Chenglin quickly rushed to the scene.After Mr. Fang preliminary communication with alarm people, civilian police, Mr. Fang morning ride electric bicycle to the drum tower square and visit friends, arrived at the drum tower square will electric bicycle in pigeon city street north mouth, when the end of the play is going to ride a bike when they leave, but found it was gone, the electric bicycle was bought in November last year, only used about 4 months,The value is about 3000 yuan, if lost, it is not a small loss for a young man who has just graduated.After asking the appearance, color and other features of Mr. Fang’s electric bicycle, the police station civilian auxiliary police quickly launched an investigation in two ways. They took nearby monitoring while taking the place of the crime as the center to visit the surrounding people and stores.After more than 2 hours of unremitting efforts, finally in the bicycle shed of a nearby parking lot, found a feature, color are consistent with the description of Mr Square’s electric car, xiangguo temple police station people auxiliary police inquiry around the masses, that the vehicle is no master vehicle.At this time, the parking lot staff to see the police, came forward to ask: “police comrade, is there a car owner to find this electric car ah?This car originally parked in the roadside, also did not lock, a warm-hearted elder sister afraid of car lost, help to push over, parked in this a few hours, no one to claim, I also want to call the police, did not think of the police comrade to help!”After the police and Mr. Fang telephone communication, Mr. Fang took the electric car keys and purchase agreement came to the scene.After comparing and confirming the vehicle is Mr Fang’s electric bicycle, it will be returned.Seeing his lost electric car, Mr. Fang could not hide his inner joy, excitedly said: “Thank you for helping me find the electric car!How careless OF me! I’ll pay more attention!”Editor: Mu Zi Review: He Xin