It can be done in 15 minutes!Dad’s homemade frosted cashews to keep the kids happy

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Cashew nuts are one of the four famous dried fruits in the world (cashew nuts, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts). It can be made into a variety of flavors, which is not enough to eat, but also convenient for children to take to school as snacks. It is nutritious and healthy.The pot will be hot at the beginning, but I don’t think it tastes so good. When it cools down, it will taste like one mouthful after another. The following is the first time I made it, but this time I used a non-stick pot, which I think is not so good.After the experiment, it is found that raw cashews are still fried, which tastes better and has a slightly golden color, but if you just want to taste the taste, it is very convenient to buy ready-made.First try, success.The trick is not to fry the cashews too much, because they will continue to change color after picking them up. The ratio of sugar to water is 1:1. Boil them until they are creamy and mix with the cashews.Then just keep stirring and stirring again and the frosted cashews will come out slowly.This day holiday with a size to the store to buy New Year goods, look at them laughing crazy do New Year goods look, as if things do not have money, as if dad is to open the bank, but the New Year ~ children happy.Go to the shop to see our house when I was a child, every New Year’s day will eat cashew, suddenly good miss the taste, thought wasn’t the dessert is included in this year that dad homemade “hanging frost cashews” back to home, immediately to try and see first, indeed as expected in the same way as I’d like to very high success rate, the wife and the children all have a good meal time, the wife say:”Sweet but not greasy, a eat can not stop” I said: “three treasures ah ~ you still remember there is a father in the home, don’t forget to help dad leave a ah…”Ladies and gentlemen, do you miss the taste of childhood?Do not only prepare melon seeds and pistachios when greeting guests for the New Year, this popular snack is not difficult to do, just 15 minutes can be completed, hurry up to do it, regardless of the Festival or weekdays with friends drink tea, drink, put on the table so crisp and delicious nuts snack, must let you welcome guests have face.Ingredients: 200g cashew nuts, 50g sugar, 25ml water, wash cashew nuts twice, drain, pour into the air fryer, try not to overlap, 160℃(320℉) for 10 minutes, pour into the air fryer, as soon as possible, lest the temperature continues to burn, pour out flat and cool.2. Put sugar and water into a dry pot and heat it over low heat. When the sugar in the pot is dissolved and bubbles appear, turn off the heat, pour in the cashews and stir fry the cashews with residual heat.3, continue to stir fry, icing sugar completely stick to the cashews can be removed from the pot, flat spread cool, about 1 hour to fully cool into the container can be sealed, made by yourself without anti-corrosion and moisture-proof additives, the best to put in an airtight container, and eat as soon as possible.1, nuts are rich in oil, even after heating away from the fire, the inside of the nuts is still continuously heating, so whether it is after air frying or frying, it is necessary to immediately spread flat and cool.2, the frying process to small fire.