Fire prevention publicity into the community residents learn fire prevention knowledge

2022-05-12 0 By

In order to further improve the fire prevention and control and self-rescue ability of the local people and consolidate the foundation of community fire prevention and control, huaibei Xiangshan District fire rescue brigade has carried out fire safety publicity activities in kanye community recently.In the activity, the fire brigade propagandists combined with the current situation of fire safety in the community, with easy-to-understand language for residents to explain how to prevent fire, how to fight the initial fire, how to evacuate and escape, how to correctly call the fire alarm and other fire safety knowledge.And to remind community residents to pay attention to the safety of parking and charging when using electric vehicles, can not park electric vehicles in the stairway and other impact evacuation escape place, can not charge for a long time at night.After the activity, community residents, said this activity they learned many useful knowledge of fire, the future community fire safety work has played a positive role in promoting, and said them to go back to learn knowledge of fire to relatives, friends, put fire control knowledge has spread far and wide, make fire safety real household names, both young and old.