Happy!Zhou Peng discussed the prospect of Guangdong team with fans through live broadcast, and three pieces of good news are worth looking forward to

2022-05-12 0 By

Although the Spring Festival holiday is short, the players of Guangdong men’s basketball team will soon enter the new training mode to make up for the poor performance in the second stage caused by the lack of meeting between the head coach Du Feng and the four national players zhou Peng, Ren Junfei, Zhao Rui and Xu Jie in the second stage.But Zhou Peng still in the rest adjustment period, opened the first personal social platform live.And give the fans some good news to expect.Of course, what he revealed was not all good news.But for the fans of Guangdong men’s basketball team, it is really used to the team in the difficulties and setbacks of the new stage of competition.In recent seasons, Guangdong men’s basketball team will encounter some setbacks and new problems every season, we also believe that this champion team has the ability to overcome and solve these problems.Back to the topic we wanted to communicate just now, from Zhou Peng’s live broadcast, one of the news we wanted to hear most finally has further results.That is, with the recovery of Zhao Rui injury, he will have to practice with the team in the near future.Since there is still a long period of time before the third stage, I believe that such news is equal to the announcement of Zhao Rui’s return in the third stage, no matter from the spiritual level, or technical level, Zhao Rui’s return for Guangdong men’s basketball has a very important significance.After all, the major rivals for the championship have improved their overall strength, and liaoning Basketball Team, Shanghai Jiushi team, zhejiang Guangsha Team and Zhejiang Chouzhou Jinzhu Team all have outstanding star players in the back line, so Zhao Rui also needs to play a greater role in the third stage and the playoffs.In order to help Hu Mingxuan, Xu Jie share more organization attack and scoring tasks.Including with foreign aid Weems, and lidle, also need to run some run-in, for a more brutal playoff preparation.Another piece of good news is about another injured guangdong basketball player, Zhang Hao.This season, young Zhang Hao has made great progress in moving his feet, jumping and handling the ball reasonably. Even many commentators compare him with Zhou Peng and think he has a chance to become zhou Peng’s successor in the future.Only an unexpected foot injury kept him out of the second stage for many rounds.Now, hear zhang Hao will return to the news, I believe friends will be happy for Guangdong men’s basketball team.There is also a piece of good news about Zhou Peng and Hu Mingxuan, because before Du Feng guidance more than once in various public occasions revealed zhou Peng and Hu Mingxuan have minor injuries and ailments.Through Zhou Peng’s interpretation, we learned that he had had blood bubbles on his feet for a period of time, which affected his power.According to his own interpretation, this may be caused by the cold weather, so with the change of venue and the warmer weather, maybe this problem will not affect him any more.And about hu Mingxuan’s shoulder injury, in zhou Peng’s interpretation, also think there is no big obstacle.The rest of the adjustment, will also let Hu Mingxuan as soon as possible to restore to health.Although Zhou Peng also revealed that Zhang Haojia basic season reimbursement, and Weims really because of guangdong men’s basketball players practice less, affecting the state of the situation.But in his view, it is also something the team must face and overcome.He believes that Guangdong men’s basketball team can overcome all kinds of difficulties and stride forward to the goal in his heart with all his strength.Here, let’s also give our best wishes to Guangdong men’s basketball team and Zhou Peng himself.