North several ushered in foreign capital credit giant Yibo rui entered

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Economic Observer network reporter Hu Yanming On February 16, the reporter learned that the international credit investigation giant Experian officially settled in Beijing International Big Data Exchange (hereinafter referred to as “North number institute”).After the settlement, Global Data Network (GDN), the product of Experian, will be launched on beisu trading platform to provide domestic and overseas credit investigation Data for domestic enterprises.The global business information service solution is the main product promoted by Experian in the enterprise credit investigation business in recent years and launched in China in August 2021. One of its features is that it can provide real-time credit reports and data of multiple overseas countries.The reporter learned that after the launch of GDN in BSSU, customers can directly sign contracts, place orders and pay with Experian through bSSU system in the future.”It’s like experian has added a sales channel.”Analysts said.Experian also said that after the launch of the trading platform of Beisu, Chinese enterprises will be able to synchronously and seamlessly connect experian’s credit investigation services through the platform of Beisu or the data interface of Experian itself, and obtain in-depth, multi-dimensional and compliant corporate credit investigation data.In late January, Experian upgraded the GDN to include real-time credit reporting in 35 countries around the world.On the basis of the original coverage of 18 western European and South American countries such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Brazil, 17 new countries including Russia, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Turkey have been added to further cover the central and Eastern European market.In an interview with Economic Observer in September 2021, Liu Xuebin, CEO of Experian Greater China, said that the launch of the global Business Information Service Solution (GDN) demonstrated experian’s determination and ability to serve China’s export-oriented economic development.It is believed that this solution will better provide compliant, real-time, in-depth and multi-dimensional credit investigation content with market competitiveness for Chinese customers engaged in cross-border trade and overseas investment, and help enterprises manage international market risks more efficiently.Founded in March 2021, Beisu has made innovations in digital trading mode, intermediary service system, technology research and development, and trading application scenarios, aiming to build the first new data exchange in China.Yibo Rui has become the only foreign credit investigation agency that has launched products on the trading platform of Beijsuo.Liu Xuebin said:”Would be glad to witness the number of this open platform established and become a member, yi bo farce is committed to by covering more than 200 countries and regions of the world’s big overseas data resources, powerful search engine, and constantly improve the matching algorithm, through on-line at the core of latest products, for domestic enterprises to provide comprehensive and authoritative reference data at home and abroad,Boost the digitisation of finance.”It is expected that Experian will further put domestic credit investigation services related products online.”There are many types of enterprise credit investigation and credit report. For example, GDN can serve Chinese enterprises with overseas needs, such as import and export trading enterprises.More product categories should come online in the future.”Yibo rui related personage told reporters.