Sun Long was judged to be in the next round for his 500m short track speed skating

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Sun Long was judged to be in the next round for his 500m short track speed skating.The men’s 500-meter short track speed skating heats at the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 11, 2008.After a fierce competition, Ren Ziwei and Wu Dajing ranked first in each group and entered the quarterfinals. Sun Long was the last one, but was sentenced to the next round because of the referee’s foul on sun Long.After the match, sun long and his opponent collided with each other repeatedly replay, both sides of the action, which also caused controversy, but after the referee review confirmed that Sun long was sentenced to the next round.Sun’s early exit from the men’s 1,500m competition also drew criticism from Wang Meng, who had criticized Sun’s attitude when he was a coach of the national team.In the match tonight, Sun Long had a good attitude and good strength, but he lacked experience in the match. In the face of the opponent’s pressure, his hand movement was still there, but the opponent also collided sun Long with his body, causing sun Long to leave the track and affecting his speed. Finally, the judge judged Sun Long to enter the next round.Thus, short track speed skating men’s 500 meters, there are three players into the quarterfinals, respectively are Ren Ziwei, Wu Dajing and Sun Long.Wu dajing, the reigning Olympic champion in the event, also skated the best time of any group in tonight’s heat, clocking 40.240 seconds.They are expected to add another gold medal to the Chinese delegation with their outstanding performance in the final on 13th.