The US is in a hurry after China towed a defunct satellite from space and put it into “graveyard orbit”

2022-05-12 0 By

The Beijing Winter Olympics are just around the corner, but the United States and some of its Allies have so far failed to show a positive attitude on issues involving China.The USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group even conducted military exercises in the South China Sea at this critical moment, which is clearly aimed at deterring China militarily.But did not think of, the United States of F35C aircraft but when drill mission sea accident happened, in the United States of weapons and equipment under the condition of frequent accident, China has quietly away one in space has lost the effect of the satellite, put it in orbit in the graveyard, and this also caused a lot of americans admire.There are a lot of satellites in orbit, and China controls effective processing technology and has an orbit that is basically in sync with the Earth at an altitude of 36,000 kilometers.In general, all countries in the world of the universe are mostly in the orbit satellite running, but each satellite is life, the life consumption is completed, these satellites in general will be mass ejection to distance geosynchronous orbit 300 km altitude, so it is a rail track also referred to as the grave.But not all countries have been able to successfully lift a satellite into orbit once it has been abandoned, and China is one of the few countries in the world to have mastered the technology.According to US media reports, a Chinese satellite called Shijian 21 is currently towing its counterpart in earth’s synchronous orbit, acting as a space tug.Recently, it put an ineffective Beidou-2 satellite into orbit around the cemetery, and China has demonstrated such a capability that even the United States has not mastered effectively, so the Americans claim that China could use such technology for military purposes.But as we all know, the US is still out of their malicious double standard, trying to figure out China, the US is actually envious of Chinese technology.The Winter Olympics will be held smoothly, and China’s space technology development will not stop the United States from trying to stop China’s progress. There is no possibility of success.The opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is an international trend. The United States has tried to prevent the Beijing Winter Olympic Games by means of diplomatic boycott, but there is no effect, isn’t it?And China’s space technology development, will definitely not stop.After the retirement of the International Space Station, which is dominated by the United States and its European Allies, China’s space station may become the only functioning space station in outer space.In terms of technology, we are still behind the United States, but China is growing faster.We have every reason to believe that in the future, China’s technological level will sooner or later reach the level of the United States, or even surpass it.Part of the news: Defense Times