Zhou As before: Zhou Birthday on the timing of the strange feelings

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Snail ginger original, plagiarism will be prosecuted.Purely based on the play, expand imagination, make up for their own feelings.Those who do not like take a detour.Even the article, the full text in Jiang Jia Utopia.Looking at the mandala flowers picked by the officers and soldiers of the Royal Army, he smelt them, his eyebrows were slightly frowning, and he shook his head in disappointment.Zhou Shengchen saw this and asked, “What’s wrong with it?”The time wrinkled eyebrows, eyes slightly disappointed, “although this flower looks like mandala flower, but it is not.It doesn’t taste right. The reason why datura can make people feel full is because it smells bad. After eating it, it will reduce people’s appetite and make people feel full.However, the flower has no smell at all.”Hearing this, Zhou Asked again, “What is the smell of the flower?Write it down, and I will command that it be sought.”The time wrinkled small nose, ashamed to lower the head, “I just saw in the book description, specific also do not know.””It’s ok.You don’t have to blame yourself. I’ll send someone to find it.”Week birthday comfort the timing.”Master, you let me find it.I can’t tell, but I can tell if I go.”Take the initiative.”Not, the mountain is very likely to appear a surprise attack of the enemy, you rush up the mountain, too dangerous.”Zhou Shengchen didn’t think about it, he refused the timing.”Master, don’t you believe in time?Now that I have chosen to fight, I am ready to face anything.This is a matter of provisions. We must not be careless.”Looking firmly at Zhou’s birthday, she believed she could do it.Zhou Shengchen hands behind his back, involuntarily clenched, fingers embedded in the meat, but did not feel pain, for a long time, he just said: “General Xie, general orders, orders you before dawn, find the mandatura.”Xie Yun, time immediately half kneel in front of Zhou Shengchen, loudly way: “the end will obey.”Zhou Shengchen’s strange treat Xie Yun, the timing led the horse and quickly out, Xie Chong looked at Zhou Shengchen with sad face to stand in the big account, puzzled to ask: “Your Highness since worried, why not go with her?”Zhou Shengchen was still in the same position, still looking forward, weakly replied: “She said right, since I brought her out, I should believe her.I can’t always protect her on the battlefield, and if she can’t do that, she’ll have to go back to The West.”Xie Chong looked at the awkward Zhou Shengchen, obviously worried, but insisted on pretending to be calm, he helplessly asked: “Your Highness, miss Cui’s marriage with the crown prince, are you really not going to interfere?I could see that she was bent on ruining the match.”Zhou Shengchen slightly blanched for a moment, he suddenly felt the heart stuffy, “not their own things, don’t insist, otherwise it will only harm others.”Xie Chong felt distressed and looked at the king who grew up in front of him, but tunnel: “Your Highness, don’t let yourself too bitter.””Late at night, consigliere to rest first.”Zhou shengchen did not want to continue this topic, only under the order.Why wouldn’t he want to have it?He’s just another human being.However, he could not give her a future, he did not want to selfishly lock her in his side.But, for some reason, the thought of her standing next to another man made Zhou feel bored.He wondered why he felt something different about her.Though he had been in the army and stationed in the West, he had seen all kinds of women.Only opportune, can let him produce the feeling like anxious.He sat absent-mindedly in his tent, reading the war of the last few months, thinking of someone every moment.Compared with zhou Birthday’s restlessness, the time here is some of the taste of laughter, the picture formed a sharp contrast.Xie Yun does not understand to look at the side of the little sister, asked: “time, I do not understand, you a weak woman, why will be so persistent at the battlefield?”The time smiled and said, “Defending our country, regardless of men and women, who said that women are inferior to men.Brother Three, don’t worry, this time, I will protect you.”Xie Yun looked at the time of doubt, only think she some god god nagging, suddenly, the time almost tripped over the branches, Xie Yun immediately helped her, said: “the future of things in the future, now, let three brothers to protect you.”The time slightly helped to help the body, naughty tunnel: “the time thank three brothers to help.”Xie Yun see opportune intentionally ridicule oneself, helpless tunnel: “you ah, all by the master to take bad, you see you now of appearance, resemble very master.””You think I look like Shifu?”Time to hear Xie Yun said so, secretly pleased.”Yes, of all the brothers and sisters, you resemble Master the most.”The corners of the mouth slightly up, no longer words, with a sense of joy, began to look for the mandala.Time wise, let Zhou Sheng-lin sit up and take notice zhou Sheng-lin Carefully comfort Zhou Sheng-lin As usual: Swan goose flying, whine awol Zhou Sheng-lin as usual, the eleven of nan-chen Palace, instead of cui’s female Zhou Sheng-lin as usual, the time with Zhou Sheng-lin