Embroider miaos beautiful life

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F clothing town big thorn tent MiaoXiu poverty alleviation of embroidery factory are showing exquisite MiaoXiu works The correspondent Long Qiang taken yunnan chuxiong webex (our website Wang Lin Xu Yaxin Long Qiang photojournalism) waves laughter broke the early morning, wuding own clothing town big thorn shed MiaoXiu embroidered wives of factory for poverty alleviation, early came to the factory for poverty alleviation, ready to online sales, bases and clothing products.”Too busy, too busy!Orders keep piling up, and there’s no break.With the support and help of the state, we have no trouble selling our Miao embroidery works, and now I have more and more fans of Douyin.”Long Wenying said with a smile after looking at embroidery products before walking busy.Featured Miao embroidery is both traditional and fashionable, and is both a culture and an industry. It can promote traditional culture and promote rural revitalization.In 2019, in order to inherit miao embroidery skills, Jiyi town set up a poverty alleviation factory specializing in the development of Miao embroidery.Longwenying said, after the establishment of the big thorn shed miao embroidery poverty alleviation factory, through the support and help of the state and the government, more and more people to join them.In order to improve the miao women’s grasp of miao embroidery skills, the factory carries out miao embroidery skills training. The training teachers teach miao embroidery skills to the students who come to study by face-to-face and hand in hand teaching, so as to ensure that the students learn to understand and learn.Jiyi Town gives full play to the characteristics of rapid spread and strong influence of “micro-video” in the era of “we media”, and leads the masses to vigorously publicize miao embroidery skills and products with the help of short video platforms such as Kuaishou and Douyin, so as to attract more people to join in.At present, more than 20 women have joined the miao embroidery poverty alleviation factory in Dashipeng village, which has broadened employment channels and increased the income of the Miao people.In the past three years, from only a few people at the beginning of the miao embroidery poverty alleviation factory in Dabi Shed, it has developed to a number of individual businesses, forming a characteristic Miao embroidery industry chain integrating production, collection and sales, changing the situation that miao embroidery could only produce and use itself in Ziyi before.Miao embroidery factories can increase the income of more than 300,000 yuan per year, which not only solves the employment problem for local women, but also develops the Miao embroidery industry, which makes miao people’s “family base” thicker and “money bag” bulging.Yang Kunyan, chairwoman of the Women’s Federation of Jiyi Town, said: “We will continue to broaden our thinking, find some suitable markets for Miao embroidery products, build an exhibition room for ethnic culture, so that these ethnic crafts can be better displayed and lay a good foundation for rural tourism.”