Embroider niang: weave new fashion draw new life

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Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Bi Wenjun, “the pattern here should pay attention to stitching and color collocation, both traditional and fashionable…”Wearing a cheongsam, Zhang LAN is discussing the design of the qipao with her team at the flagship store of Chuanghe Clothing in Hunter International Financial Center in Guiyang, Capital of Southwest China’s Guizhou Province, March 23, 2019.”We are rushing out qipao, which are customized by guests for special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries.”Seeing the reporter, Zhang LAN put down her work and introduced the company.Zhang LAN, 46 years old, was born in Pingba District, Anshun City. She is an authentic Miao girl who loves embroidery since she was a child.When she grew up, she not only studied herself, but also applied for the major of costume design.With her talent and hard work, Zhang LAN not only succeeded in her studies, but also set up a fashion design studio in Guiyang with her lover.Qianling East road, more than 30 square meters of storefront, bearing Zhang LAN’s love and passion for miao embroidery inheritance.In 2010, Zhang LAN founded Guizhou Chuanghe Clothing Co., which specializes in high-end custom cheongsam.Now, Guizhou Chuanghe Clothing Co., Ltd. has formed a design team of 65 people, has become a collection of design, production, sales as one of the enterprises, not only high-end customized business, but also developed the work clothes batch customized business.”Last year, the company had sales of 6.08 million yuan.”Zhang LAN said that the company is developing steadily. Last year, the company not only made a breakthrough in sales, but also entered the final of the second Chinese Women’s Manual Innovation and entrepreneurship Competition.Talking about the next step, Zhang LAN said: “We will continue to use the design concept of ‘ethnic elements in fashion’ to further integrate ethnic elements and fashion trends, design more clothes that meet the aesthetic needs of modern people, and open up a ‘beautiful road’ to inherit Miao Embroidery.”On the other side, in the workshop of Guizhou Jinzhi Yagai Culture Development Co., LTD., located in Xinmin Community, Mingtian Street, Huishui County, Ran Guangjin is busy leading his colleagues to design “Fengxiang Dyeing” spring and summer new clothes.Ran Guangjin was born in the 1980s and lives in Huishui County.Originally an art teacher, she fell in love with the ancient printing and dyeing technique when she came across it.In 2017, Ran guangjin founded the company, determined to lead more sisters to inherit and develop Fengxiangran.Through unremitting efforts, Ran Guangjin has innovated and developed more than 200 kinds of clothing, scarves and other products with “Fengxiang dye” culture, which has brought more than 90 women into employment.The company has been awarded the title of “Guizhou Minority Traditional Handicraft Training Center”, “Guizhou Splendid Plan Skillful hand poverty alleviation base” and so on.She herself has become the inheritor of “Fengxiang Dye”, excellent art keeper of national intangible cultural Heritage “Fengxiang Dye”, and vice president of Qiannan Embroidery Research Institute.”The title is not important, what is important is to stick to the original intention of passing on Fengxiangran.”Ran guangjin said that in the future, we will continue to strive to make “Fengxiang Dye” a characteristic tourism product of Guizhou, so that everyone can know “Fengxiang Dye” and feel its unique charm.In fact, in Guizhou, there are many embroiderers like Zhang LAN and Ran Guangjin who create a beautiful life with their fingertips.Data show that the output value of women’s characteristic handicraft industry in Guizhou reaches 6 billion yuan, and there are nearly 500,000 women engaged in characteristic handicraft industry and auxiliary industry in guizhou.Yuan Chunlian, Wu Xiuying, Gu Orchid…Groups of embroiderers use needle as pen, thread as ink and cloth as paper to weave new fashions and draw new lives.