It’s time to uncover the secrets behind this season’s Wuhan top flow

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Winter snow also plays a “preservation” role for the plum blossom, xiaoxiaozi learned that at present, about 60% of the plum blossom blossom in the East Lake Plum Garden, the Lantern Festival is the best viewing period.When visiting the park to admire the plum blossoms, two “tourists” who put on galoshes and took paper and pens to look around the plum blossoms attracted the attention of the little player.Who are they?What are you doing?Approached by liu Shuai, the two “tourists” were actually senior engineers of the China Plum Blossom Research Center located in the Plum Garden of East Lake, and were making tour records.Yan Xiaolan, a senior engineer who has worked at east Lake Plum Garden for 24 years, said tourists appreciate the plum blossom for its color, fragrance and shape, while garden engineers observe the plum blossom to see various data reflecting the health of the plant.In leng Yan pavilion next to a plum tree, Yan Xiaolan is skillful and gentle to open the eyes of the plum flower petals, taking a ruler to measure the length of the flower stem, a total of ten, the average will be recorded to the paper, from the pocket to take out chromatography compared to color and color, and then quietly counting the number of petals, recorded in the case, turn toward another plum tree.Xiaojiaozi followed, saw Yan Xiaolan hand white paper has written more than half, notes recorded the park’s different varieties of flower proportion, the number of petals, flower stem length, petal color, tree branches, etc.Yan Xiaolan, a senior engineer at the China Plum Blossom Research Center, is touring the garden to observe plum blossoms and record data.In front of the part of the plum tree, YanXiao observation is half an hour, and seven round the garden a lap down, is the most of this tree is the west varieties, popular said is to cultivate the breeding of new varieties of trees, flowers usually need three years observation period, after wait for stability up to standard, to confirm whether it is new, so need more detailed records.Yan Xiaolan is sorting out the identification plates of plum blossom varieties in east Lake Plum Garden.After the tour, Yan xiaolan returned to her office, changed her muddy overshoes, patted the black dust on her sleeve, and entered the recorded data into the corresponding form on her computer.A closer look shows that the time of the first blossom and the time of the first ten blossoms of each type of plum blossom in the garden this year are recorded, and the records of previous years are neatly placed in folders.Every day tour, standing for a whole day is a common thing, Yan Xiaolan admitted that it is nearly to retirement age, standing for a long time sometimes waist pain, but she still insisted on wearing overshoes to go belong to their “world”.Daily records are the basis of scientific conservation, and if the bloom is inconsistent compared to the past year, then more ‘attention’ should be paid to the tree in the future.The Plum Garden of East Lake is open to tourists seasonally. It opens when flowers bloom and closes when flowers fade, but the maintenance work runs through the whole growth cycle of plum trees.Although plum blossom is known as ling frost proud snow character, but plum tree only grow well, grow strong, flowers will open more dense, blooming time is longer, so year-round tracking fine maintenance is essential.Jiang Runqing, senior engineer of China Plum Blossom Research Center, introduced that there are seven resident engineers in the center, including two senior engineers and three senior engineers. The division of labor is clear, and each is doing his or her own job. The goal is to take good care of every plum tree in the plum garden of more than 800 mu.Tao Dongzhi, senior engineer of China Plum Blossom Research Center, is taking photos of plum blossom varieties.Tao Dongzhi, senior engineer of China Plum Blossom Research Center, is mainly responsible for maintenance work, including post-flowering pruning, bud wiping, drainage in plum rain season, drought resistance in summer and autumn, fertilization in autumn and winter, pruning in winter and garden cleaning disinfection, etc., and comprehensive prevention and control of diseases and insect pests all year round.There aren’t a lot of tricks to take care of plants, just careful management.Plum blossom nature ‘tough’, bloom without too much artificial intervention, let the natural growth of plum blossom can, 1 to February is the maintenance of the most ‘busy’, generally without additional watering.Before the opening of the garden, we will carry out plum blossom exhibition, freehand bonsai production, flower arrangement, etc. During the opening of the garden, professional and technical personnel need to record the flowering period and traits of varieties, take photos of varieties, etc.In daily garden Tours, if branches are damaged, it is necessary to re-support and bind them, but this situation is rare.Experts from the China Plum Blossom Research Center are conducting a gumei consultation.According to Tao dongzhi, drainage from April to June and drought control from July to September are routine tasks every year, and scientific fertilization is needed to conserve water for plum trees that are not growing well.In order to ensure the growth of ancient plum trees, the China Plum Blossom Research Center has set up an ancient plum tree maintenance team, which takes care of them all year round. In autumn and winter, the ancient plum trees will be consulted and sterilized, preserved and supported according to the situation.Pruning mode should be started immediately after flowers fade. Pruning plum trees is a key task of plum garden, and the golden time is very short, the end of March to early April is appropriate.In the middle of April, the leaves are long and abundant. They are not pruned and allowed to grow naturally. The branches are too dense.Spring, summer and autumn also need to visit the garden to observe pests and diseases, especially the ancient plum garden of the old trees, longicorn and termites are easy to breed in the trunk, we always all out to see one by one, found larvae hook with wire or spray agents.There are more than 340 varieties of plum blossom in East Lake Plum Garden, which is the base for breeding the most varieties of plum blossom in China. This is the pink cinnago.Jiang Runqing, senior engineer of China Plum Blossom Research Center, speaks about plum varieties in East Lake Plum Garden.According to the flowering period, the plum blossom can be divided into early-blooming, medium-blooming and late-blooming varieties. There are more than 400 varieties registered internationally, among which more than 160 varieties are “original” by The East Lake Plum Garden and apply for international registration.In the 1950s, there were 74 kinds of plum blossom at the plum Garden of East Lake.On March 10, 1991 China flower association approved after the east lake garden established Chinese plum flower research center, in the senior academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering jun-yu Chen old gentleman help and Zhao Shoubian, under the guidance of the old professor for many years through the introduction and breeding, hybridization pollination, at present a total of more than 340 varieties of clubs and become an important base plum international login.East Lake meiyuan plum varieties “face peach blossom”, beautiful peach color gorgeous beautiful, just like a beautiful young woman.East Lake Plum Garden “original” cultivar “Fifi cinnabar”.Li Qingwei, secretary general of Plum blossom Branch of China Flower Association and professor of Beijing Forestry University, commented on the East Lake Plum Garden in this way: “Wuhan Mill Shandong Lake Plum Garden is the base for collecting, preserving and displaying the most cultivated plum blossom varieties in China, the most registered plum blossom varieties in the world, and the most standard plum blossom variety resource nursery. It is the national plum blossom germplasm resource bank.”It is not easy to develop new varieties of plum blossom, which need five to eight years of careful care.Yan xiaolan said the research and development of new plum varieties is mainly through seed selection and cross breeding.Emasculation in bud, choose different varieties of flower pollinate, adopting technical measures to ensure the success of the pollination, after waiting for June as a result, the seed of sand hidden sowing, grow seedlings, bed out after a few months, often will need at least 5 years time to blossom, then after three years of observation, after being stable character, more special, more ornamental varieties screening form,Apply for international registration of new varieties.At present, there are a number of pre-selected new varieties growing in the garden. We are constantly observing them. We may register some new varieties this year or next year.East Lake Meiyuan LongyouMei East Lake Meiyuan 800 years old ancestors are in bud we are looking forward to?Correspondent: Hui Zou ❄ : Writing: Xiaohui Jin?Editor, Wang Shuang