Rural e-commerce has promoted the development of “one village, one product”, adding momentum to rural revitalization

2022-05-13 0 By

With the continuous development of rural revitalization, in order to promote the construction of “one village, one product” in Dazhipo Town, Meilan District, and accelerate the cultivation of new drivers for agricultural and rural development, Haikou Rural E-commerce Service Center and Dazhipo Rural E-commerce Service Center actively carried out relevant work in the countryside on March 24, 2022.Actively contacted Chen Yuxia, leader of rural revitalization Team of Zhuyongqun Village, Dazhipo Town, to understand the relevant situation of the local date industry, promote industrial upgrading, and prepare for the construction of regional characteristic brands., according to captain yu-hsia Chen yong group of village rules and elaborated seedlings imported from Taiwan 20 years ago, in the village, red earth tested early yield is not high also, but after years of cultivation and improvement, elaborated after localization quality is getting better and better, not only beautiful shape, big, thick nuclear fine meat, and crisp, edible rate of 95%.In recent years, The jujube industry in Yongqun has vigorously guided the villagers to plant. Now, the jujube area planted by yongqun Village Committee is about 500 mu, which has become a rich farmer industry to help Yongqun village achieve rural revitalization and laid a good product foundation for brand promotion.At the same time, in view of the jujube coordination &liaision instead exist in the process of short, and brand promotion channel is relatively single, and product story mining, product traceability, packaging optimization, brand promotion, such as direction, business service center team and yu-hsia Chen captain has carried on the deep discussion, provide operational scheme for jujube brand is matured, on the basis of perfecting the brand content, break the barrier of the marketing,The popularity of “Yongqun jujube” is started, and the brand effect is effectively brought into play to make “one village, one product” better and stronger.Haikou city rural electricity service center will continue to strengthen rural electricity brand, promote the region morihiko hiramatsu construction, relying on rural special resource advantage to brand building, the construction of characteristic industry base, to provide brand support for rural electricity, fully mobilize the farmers’ enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, to rural revitalization work release the strong vitality.