Super greenhouses are smart

2022-05-14 0 By

Not long ago, in Nongan County, He Long town Chen Jia Dian village, an area of 80,000 square meters of “super greenhouses”, its large volume overturned people’s understanding of the traditional greenhouses!Looking ahead, the shanty roof looks like a series of hills. In the past, the single-family greenhouses are now “hand in hand”. It takes more than ten minutes for agricultural vehicles to travel around.”The area of one greenhouse can hold dozens of houses!”Chen Jiadian village cadres are very proud of this “agricultural factory” : the general greenhouse covers an area of about 1 mu, but this greenhouse area is less than 30 mu!Besides, this shed is big and smart.You see, special lighting design, arc roof beautiful and generous.Water and fertilizer integration, just a finger can adjust the temperature and humidity, to create a suitable growth environment for crops, a few people can manage a greenhouse!What good is a greenhouse of this size?Nongan County agricultural technology promotion center senior agronomist Ning Pengling to reporters calculate an account: the traditional greenhouse space is small, poor ventilation, side road, the construction of “super greenhouse” can avoid drip irrigation, bracket and other agricultural facilities repeated construction, saving space more durable, increase the unit of effective planting area of more than 10%.Do not look down upon this 10%, and increase income 10% is the same truth, for farmers to provide adjustment of planting structure, broaden the new inspiration of increase income channels.Membrane facilities as far as the eye can see, automated systems with comprehensive coverage, criss-crossing field roads…Such greenhouses, Chen Jiadian village together to build 4.Although the construction is not over, but look at the renderings, the film park sense of science and technology, “big” contains great wisdom.Who will build such a “wise” greenhouse?Zha management?In fact, it is very simple: village collective plans and construction, enterprises provide all-round guidance, and farmers manage production by themselves. Simply put, “You build facilities, I do the farming, enterprises support, and generate more profits”.”A tight alliance of three!”Village cadres, enterprises and farmers reached an agreement, unified varieties, unified planting, unified harvesting, unified sales, to ensure that the “super greenhouse” production capacity to achieve the best.With the construction of “super greenhouses” in the village, villagers are eager to use new technologies and grow new varieties in the new park.However, just after the Spring Festival, gao Junming, a villager, had a plan to contract “super greenhouses” in his mind. “With such good planting resources, we should make good use of them to make ‘super greenhouses’ planting more reasonable, more scientific management, and more guaranteed output and quality.”