Experts: Omicron risk higher than influenza elderly should be actively vaccinated

2022-05-15 0 By

Guangming Network news (reporter CAI Lin) “The virulence of the omicron strain is relative to the previous strain, its danger is still higher than the so-called influenza, especially in the elderly who have not been vaccinated or not fully vaccinated.”At a press conference held under the joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council on April 6, Wang Guiqiang, director of the Department of infectious diseases at The First Hospital of Peking University, said only when the elderly and other high-risk groups with underlying diseases are well protected and vaccinated according to the procedures can the dangers of omicron be truly reduced.Wang Guiqiang, director of the Department of infectious diseases at The First Hospital of Peking University, said the prevalence of the omicron virus strain in China has seen a high number of asymptomatic infections and mild cases.On the one hand, the virulence of omicron itself is relatively decreased, and upper respiratory tract infection is dominant, while lower respiratory tract infection is relatively rare, and the incidence of pneumonia is relatively low.On the other hand, it is because of the current background of vaccination that the proportion of vaccinated people who are seriously ill is significantly low.The third is active nucleic acid screening. Many patients are found during the incubation period, so the proportion of asymptomatic infected persons is relatively high.In addition, asymptomatic infections and mild cases of omicron virus were higher in young people and young adults.Wang guiqiang pointed out that the Hong Kong epidemic data give us a very important hint, vaccination is closely related to the fatality rate.In Hong Kong, the fatality rate was 3.2% without vaccination, 0.96% for one dose, 0.14% for two doses and 0.03% for three doses.According to this data, three doses of vaccine can effectively reduce the mortality rate after omicron infection.”According to the current data, the elderly and those with underlying diseases can be effectively reduced by vaccination with the omicron strain.”Wang Guiqiang said, still can not be paralyzed, on the one hand, to take active and effective prevention and control strategies.On the other hand, we must actively promote vaccination and strengthen vaccination efforts, especially for the elderly and those with underlying diseases.The elderly should be actively vaccinated, especially to strengthen the immunization, the third dose of vaccination is very important.Source: Guangming Network source: Guangming network