When thin film cross the moon, gu Fang without pride, plum blossom three lane find new poetry

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian sinology art trekking snow in search of mei mi small poems, who knows, oblique shuying no one asked, incense floating acacia.I do not know, find sentence to find chapter before dare, thin shadow oblique floating water cloud edge.Thin film reflected clear wave, a wisp of incense where to go, who are the songs.To what, thin film on the moon, gu Fang without pride, plum three lane find new poetry.Seek red makeup, fang Soul into dreamland, thin shadow across the window on, incense floating water center.Fang xin did not spread the bottom of my heart things, where to find a bosom friend, the month moved thin shadow incense curtain outside the invasion.Thin film on the moon, people do not know, to find the soul of poetry.Floating manyuanchun, a new tree, not with qunfang snow to find friends.Taoyuan looking for old dreams, also think of home to enjoy the new fang, the moon moved thin shadow cool heart.Dou Fang Spring, find old marks, thin shadow floating drunk visitors.Snow all over the sky, provoking pity, the name of the lonely mountain.Waving nine days, sparse shadow dance, no one asked, looking for friends in the eyes.No matter to find poetry trace, a ray of fragrant soul dream, thin shadow floating water wind.One hundred years of wind and rain fang as old, jiangshan to find no, thin shadow floating on he Gu.A few branches of thin film do not contend for spring, a wisp of incense intoxicating, to find bosom friend into flower protection god.Fragrance open, shuying oblique dream, frost deceives fang self appreciation, why to find sentence fee suspect guess.Find you where to find bosom friend, a ray of fragrant soul deep dream, thin shadow across the window on, incense floating snow in the forest.The poetry song fu seeks the chapter lasting appeal is long, the thin shadow oblique float sends cool and refreshing.Thin film wind and rain, a few wisps of incense bosom friend where to go, in the end of the world.Floating snow qingqing, oblique moon is Ming, mo Gu Fang deep find poetry sound.Young lang, stroke fragrant flowers, thin shadow across the water, hidden fragrance floating sleeve bottom.A tree solitary fang opens alone, seeks rui dance to wander, the month moves thin shadow fragrant dream.Moonlight cold, fragrance floating night appendix, find sentence plum blossom, a ray of fragrant soul dream to see.Hidden fragrance floating snow, thin shadow oblique quietly elegant makeup, not with qunfang gentleman find poetry.Natural and unrestrained romantic calm female red, the world has its own sad find old track.Find fang trace, thick spring, flowers fall leisurely natural and unrestrained with pine.The world a dream, where to find the wizard, calmly smile feelings with the sun and the moon.A smile flowers fans, natural and unrestrained world fang trace to find place, the world and heaven two appropriate.Natural and unrestrained Yaotai, proud leisurely as the cutting, not the world snow shadow to spring.The wind leaves fall shadow no trace, heaven and earth are different, all things calmly passing, natural and unrestrained life is a hero.Two meet, yunyu Wushan to find the old trace, leisurely interpretation, sansheng natural and unrestrained month Ming air.Calm calm smile life, natural and unrestrained river’s lake as I, all over the castle peak trace disappeared, the human path is extraordinary.A natural and unrestrained month, thousands of miles in the clouds from the calm, the world how much smoke wave dimly discernible trace.Heaven and earth where to find the wizard, calm smile feelings in a dream.If the dream is also calm, natural and unrestrained rivers and lakes Zen heart trace, the world where to find fairy wind.Natural and unrestrained Yangzhou, easy to stay, mo road human source to find by.Spring to where to find fang trace, heaven and earth in a dream, the flowers fall calmly natural and unrestrained with cool breeze.Spring is good, seek old trace, all the way leisurely and natural willows luxuriantly green.Years emerged from calm, natural and unrestrained an old man, green mountains and clear water where not to meet.Float natural and unrestrained, calm under the cloud nine, I hope the world is always in spring, Hong Trace Yan Ying as free and unfettered.Dream vaguely where not to meet, calmly light play green Zither.Heaven and earth without this scene, the vulgar find the wizard, calmly laugh at the free and unfettered line.Light and non, why on thin fat, mo dust trace zhengqi is not contrary.A leaf boat, any ups and downs, the world cold and warm casual travel.Heaven and earth do not dye dust, the wizard where to find a friend, calmly smile forever proud soul.Since calm, the world of mortals an old man, traversed the castle peak trace, the world where to find fang cong.The world of mortals is not self-contained, calm and calm, and the world is looking for small poems.High mountains and flowing water find poetry soul, a thousand miles of bosom friend a heart, harp and Ming play yayun, the rest of my life have met beauty.Yu Huiying cuiwei, flick a song hard to find where to go, running water mountain hope son return.Play jinse, only more than lonely with lonely lamp, hard to find people where, running water mountain is always feeling.A bosom friend through the ages, high mountain and water play chords, the rest of my life have the honor to know your face, the wine linfeng on the moon play.Running water mountain sing at will, friends and partings, play a long song around the ear.Sunset three rivers, a pipa bosom friend without find place, gaoshanliuhai strings.Boya qu, slowly taste yuxiang Lu Yu tea, bosom friend without find place, high mountains stop is the end of the world.Heart has chaos, mountain feeling is difficult to break, the rest of my life if we can meet again, and play again.Flowing water mountain not afraid of cold, miles of chan, play a long song around the ear.After dinner lute sing sunset, don’t say bosom friend water family.Pipa love, around the beam three or two, do not say who is the sound of bosom friend water.Bosom friend can not seek, high mountains and rivers together leisurely swim, the rest of my life long lucky singing Kyushu.In the child period, hate to leave, a song around the beam people.More than gully, there are old people, do not say bosom friend water is the predecessor.Phoenix qin, melodious around ancient and modern, mo road bosom friend without find place, high mountains and flowing water have qing Yin.Thousands of miles of acacia, mountain water is always poetry, a song qing song ancient tone send love chi.Gaoshanshuiqingsaying, bosom friend, play as the human moon accompany you line.More than 30 years of a moment, qinxin sword gallbladder to who play, bosom friend hard to find mountain only.On the moon bomb, three cups of liquor degree more than years, hard to find people where, running water mountain as which.Bosom friend thousands of miles in this life, gaoshanshuiren love, don’t say that there is nothing left in the world, a song of acacia play to Ming.High mountain and flowing water bosom friend affection is true, harp and singing dream send more than body.More than a dream empty, bullet crown changxiao hard to find where, running water mountain is always feeling.Pipa on the moon, not meaning appendix, bosom friend is not in the mountain for which.Find bosom friend, mountain sing ancient and modern, a qing song yu yun around, who play heart into yao qin.Gaoshanshuiboya harp, bosom friend Wangu Yin, play as the world moon according to your heart.A body, free and untrammable degree at dawn and dusk, don’t say no friends, transit thousands of all traces.Qingming passing rain xiao, strangers alone lonely, want to ask a free dream any swaying.Willow under idle transit meaning leisurely, free and unfettered world of mortals is which year.Any free and unfettered, lonely, floating life if the dream has no matter from the flute.Wanzhangren floating, free and unfettered floating, mo idle transit also enchanting.In a hurry, idle people have nothing at ease in the clouds, laughing at the world of mortals.Don’t ask the former cause, transit cloud smoke magic also true, I see through the body at large.This is free and unfettered body, the world of mortals see several times true, floating transit is like a dream, Mo If idle people do scattered people.For thousands of years, I have been free between heaven and earth, idle people have nothing to do, floating transit is cloud smoke.Transit in a hurry another year, idle people have nothing to do sitting by the window, free and easy crane in the clouds, laughing at the world of mortals do not envy fairy.Beauty from free and unfettered, do not love the world of mortals ogling throw, transit thousands of no matter the wind floating.A comfortable into the world of mortals spring and autumn, idle people have no intention of baiyun ren stay.Transit will come true, not idle people at large jun Mo smile, the world of mortals where to find friends.No matter fishing jiangbin, wind stroke face frequency, I from the unfettered far down the world of mortals.I am free and unfettered to stay, the world of mortals a dream a few spring and autumn, floating clouds transit idle people with the month.Lonely, as free and unfettered, idle people do not say yunyan can be thrown.Wine transit move high, no matter the poem knock, free and unfettered world of mortals.Lie in the forest, cloud smoke can not be found, I from the free jun Mo smile, the world of mortals see through the heart of right and wrong.– Zheng Huixian Chinese Art