Changlongshan Power Station, known as the “Qomolangma” of pumping and storage units in the world, has completed the lifting and installation of major components.

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Recently, the rotor of Unit 6 of Zhejiang Changlongshan Pumped-storage Power Station was successfully lifted and installed, successfully completing the production objectives and tasks, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent assembly work of the unit.At this point, changlongshan power station heavy lifting work has been completed.Long longshan pumped-storage power station with a total of 6 installation capacity of 350000 mw reversible unit, four units of speed to 500 r/min, 2 sets of rotating speed is 600 RPM, is the only country in the same pump storage power plant in continuous arrangement of two different high rated speed of pump storage unit workshop, decorate a high degree of complex, demanding and structural vibration control.Three engineering characteristic indexes are “the first in the world” and four are “the first in China”. Among them, the difficulty of unit design and development is the highest in the world, and the difficulty of comprehensive manufacturing and installation is close to the limit of pumped storage technology. It is known as the “Everest” of pumping storage units in the world today by experts in the industry.The longshan Mechanical and electrical installation Project Department of the 14th Director of hydropower showed its high level of installation technology in front of two types of models arranged in the same workshop, and played the role of “hydropower power brigade” as the industry benchmark.After assembly, the total weight of the rotor is 325T, the height is 11415mm, the outer diameter is 4028mm, the overall cylindricity of the magnetic pole is 0.23mm, the concentricity of the magnetic pole and the spindle of the rotor is 0.03mm, and the data of various indicators are better than the standard of the high-quality unit.The company has successfully reached the high standard requirements of the owner of “high-quality units, Meili electromechanical”, and successfully completed the lifting of heavy parts with excellent results.Subsequently, the 14th Bureau of Hydropower will continue to carry forward the construction spirit of “hydropower power brigade”, ensure that all units are put into operation smoothly and strive for the construction of “green, high-quality, innovative, harmonious and exemplary” Changlongshan Project.(BI Xingqiang) Hoisting site of no.6 rotor