New Year go to the grass-roots | reunion festival, they are racing against time to build “incense burner continent”

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Sanxiang Metropolis daily on February 14 (all media reporter Wang Zhifang correspondent Shen Wenzhen Bao Liang) Xiangluzhou bridge is the 14th building of the river channel in Changsha, won the “Hunan Province May 1 labor medal” zhang Mingjian the whole Spring Festival with the team in this rush period.Builders stick to their posts, local New Year’s day, labor horn resounding above the surging river.Today, the eve of the Lantern Festival, reporters into the busy site, feel the construction site of the atmosphere of labor.On February 14th, the lowest temperature in Changsha was 2℃.As the 14th river crossing in Changsha, xiangluzhou Bridge is busy at the construction site.Mixers, excavators, drilling RIGS, the roar of the machine over the river, the busy figure of the builders can be seen everywhere, only the project department hanging red lanterns and red balloons swaying festival.Xiangluzhou Bridge is expected to be completed and open to traffic in 2023. After completion, it will effectively connect high-speed railway Xicheng, Wangcheng Economic development Zone, Daze Lake, Moon Island, T-Bay and other areas, and accelerate the coordinated development of Changsha East and West Rivers.Time is tight, the task is heavy, the builders are racing against time, 24 hours uninterrupted fighting on the Xiangjiang River.On the platform of main pier no. 20 of Xiangjiang River, the cold wind blows on the face.Zhang Yunfei, 48, is the foreman of a steel cofferdam construction squad, busy pouring concrete with his workmates.”The weather in Changsha is indeed a bit cold. I have prepared ginger tea in the Courier station. After finishing my journey, I will go to have a cup to warm myself up.”Zhang yunfei, from Kaili, Guizhou province, stayed at the construction site this Spring Festival with many of his workers because of the tight schedule.The wind blew and the waves blew and there was a chill on the river.Zhang Yunfei breathed steam and rubbed his hands. “We’ve been working on the river for a long time. We’ve got used to it.”Xiangjiang Xiangluzhou Bridge pile foundation has 532 roots, has completed more than 300 roots.”Our team is mainly responsible for slotting underwater pile foundation and cofferdam, and pier no. 20, 21 and 22 have completed the pile foundation construction tasks in advance.”Zhang mingjian is a model worker, won the Hunan Province May 1 labor medal.Behind him at the construction site, the “model workers pioneer Team” sign stands out.”As a model worker, of course, must be in the forefront.”As the head of the pile construction team, Zhang mingjian led the team members into three shifts and fought day and night on the front line.Encounter “difficult miscellaneous disease”, on the spot “consultation”, a few technicians of the pioneer group of model workers use the spot discussion, solve the puzzle in time.”The hardest part is piling underwater because we can’t see.What I’m afraid of most is granite, which is hard and easy to drop the drill.”The bottom of the river under xiangluzhou Bridge is just granite.After repeated tests and adjustments, Zhang mingjian’s team adopted the “recoil” drilling process, which increased the efficiency by more than two times.”Finally biting the hard bone!”Zhang mingjian has participated in the construction of nanchang Xinbayi Bridge, Nanjing Yangtze River Ii Bridge, Jingzhou Yangtze River Bridge, Hangrui Highway Dongting Lake bridge and other projects, “this time for my hometown bridge, I am particularly motivated.”Xiangluzhou Bridge is the first bridge designed according to the standard of class I waterway in Xiangjiang River, and also the longest span single-tower cable-stayed bridge in Xiangjiang River. The tower height of 202 meters will refresh the tower height record of Changsha bridge across the River.Su Qiaojiang, secretary of discipline Inspection commission and deputy manager of Changjiang Branch of Hunan Road and Bridge Construction Group, secretary of Xiangluzhou Bridge Project and project manager, introduced that Hunan Road and Bridge Construction Group is responsible for the construction of the main channel of east Branch of the bridge. Since the official start of construction on June 1, 2021, all pile foundations of the main pier and the bottom sealing of the first steel cofferdam have been completed.”At present, the bottom sealing of cofferdam groove of pier 20 of our project is being carried out, and the grooves of pier 21 and pier 22 are nearing the end.The next step is to pull three main piers out of the water before the flood season begins in June.Su Qiaojiang said, “It’s like fighting a war. Now we’ve sounded the bugle call and started to sprint!”[Editor: Wu Daixia][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]