Qingfengyun into the good sentence, the moon sentiment before pulling bosom friend

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Want to know more wonderful content, quickly to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Sinology art qing charm into the good sentence, the bright moon sentiment before pulling bosom friend, is willing to get this growth companion, the ends of the earth old person pity.High mountain and water to find bosom friend, good sentence Yin into tears full jin, looking at the old moon with yao qin.Fragrance with the evening wind, old people go away to make fu find good sentences, difficult to find bosom friend in the dream.Send the old man, breeze bright moon with a lone body, fu find good sentence, to find bosom friend difficult to see jun.Thousands of years, bosom friend in front of the eyes, poems and songs accompany you go, not see so the heart is sweet.Breeze with me to read hua Zhang, old tears two lines, good sentences difficult book where to tell my heart.Old people meet qing Yin to night points, good sentences suddenly from should hear from the middle.A line with the wild goose, thousands of miles and you meet, wind moon to dream.Empty court with moon hui, old people don’t dream vaguely, to find a good sentence bosom friend for a long time.After several spring, old sick body, good sentence has not become where to seek bosom friend.Lasting taste is long, fee ponder, breeze bright moon old person gather together.Stand much, touch jin not hold oneself, suddenly see the window double swallow, bit mud fly into my poem.New poem see fallen flowers, the end of the world do not see someone else, wet with jin also blow saibei sand.Do not see that year Li Du, fu always difficult to become, with tears wet flowers a sound.The autumn wind bleak tears touch jin, silent lean column alone as appropriate, a elegy when see King’s Landing.Look at the horizon, drizzle touched jin wet flowers, iraqis where to go, poetry fu to send who.Autumn wind from Yin bleak, and see yellow flowers fall full slope, tearful eyes touch jin miss things, meet speechless sigh waste.Suddenly see still hear the sound of war drums, tears touch jin smile full universe.Spread tears touch jin, grief without language fu express feelings, not only for the king.Speechless to the horizon, wet apricot flower with jin, suddenly see branches shallow sing into whose home.Bosom friend less, high-rise knowledge more, tears touch jin infinite hate, not a single look at the column star.Spring flowers fall deep hard to see, easy to sing when the circle, mo Dao touch jin speechless to now.Tears stained jin, language also rest meaning turn deep, I do not know the body is a guest, dream still see the heart.Path no birds wow, touch jin xiang dew wet cassocks, Lin deep not see cicada Yin with sunset.Poetry made fu li Du name, tears stained jin comfort life.Tears full towel, total worry, wet bow wet jin chun.Cloud faint dew touch jin, cheers drunk guest heart, wine and see the west on the wind.Smile full mountain city, drizzle touch jin peach blossom in full bloom, poetry to the dawn.As fu send true feelings, not when Li Du name, tears touch jin without language to the sky.See say new poem like old, Yin into feel tears double down, touch jin to wet pear rain, solution also add willow catkin silk.Tears fuzzy, about language also ask whether there is no, low eyebrows think of the past, a bright moon see pearl.Autumn wind too light speechless, fallen leaves touch jin sound, not empty sad, only reciting poetry to send deep feeling.Fu no one knows, do not see when Li Du, tears touch jin wan language send acacia.Tomb-sweeping day silent month pour, a lament liquor see really.Earth-shattering sound, water with tears not see the truth in wanli changyin send me.A year near the Double Ninth festival, wine words desolate, autumn wind at the beginning of the chrysanthemum fragrance.Chrysanthemum open and cool autumn, the courtyard at the beginning of the smell of cinnamon incense, to the east hedge wind and rain near chongyang.Night is not ended, full ting Fang, dongli wine a year over the Double Ninth Festival.East hedge wine words mulberry ma, Double Ninth drunk sunset, mo road chrysanthemum full camellia.And cool autumn, a wisp of incense, last night the west wind began to dream, chrysanthemum open in the xiaoxuan window.Gold wind to send early coagulation cinnamon incense, wine donglu Beiling chongyang.Maple leaf at the beginning of the red water artesian, open in the small bridge, east hedge wine Double Ninth good autumn.Wine words cool autumn, Double Ninth good scenery light, chrysanthemum everywhere to send sweet early cinnamon.And Chongyang, short long, wild goose word at the beginning of the building.Chrysanthemum blooming mantingfang, the beginning of autumn in the land yellow, wine dongli far chongyang.According to the end of the world, golden with chrysanthemum, picked dongli tao rhyme, Double Ninth wine words mulberry ma.The drunken autumn light, and the Double Ninth good cool, beautiful chrysanthemum dream wake up early fragrance.Nanshan wine chrysanthemum yellow, moonlight at the beginning of the night not ended, picked the east hedge three or five flowers, with the king drunk Chongyang.Sad news tears touch clothes, and see chrysanthemum east hedge invite month drink, life where not double Ninth.Enjoy the autumn light, is a good double Ninth cool, chrysanthemum is yan, a curtain of dreams wake up at the beginning of incense.Nanshan wine chongyang drunk, picked a wisp of incense, jinrui opened to welcome distant visitors, chrysanthemum in full bloom proud autumn frost.Yulu at the beginning of frost descent, chrysanthemum is yan yan to return, east hedge wine Double Ninth will be fixed.Wine jinfeng cool, and double Ninth chrysanthemum fragrance overflow, rising moon hanging branches.Wild goose flies south, maple leaf early red dyed green micro, east hedge invites month drunk, double Ninth festival looks forward to your return.At the beginning of the full moon, chrysanthemum fragrant lu, wine dongli people drunk, after the Double Ninth is autumn book.East hedge wine words desolate, double Ninth night not Yang, chrysanthemum autumn rain fall early yellow everywhere.The Ninth Day of the Double Ninth Festival hold the cup meaning such as, the West wind last night chrysanthemum open also have no.Good human, has gone to know years, the spring breeze intentionally silent to the pillow.A smile drunk spring breeze, feeling long fall into a dream, and would like to accompany me to dawn.A dream, a total of vicissitudes of life, lang Jun if a beautiful woman wings.Tianya guest, dream meet, mo acacia painting total hazy.Leaning on the floor alone, this when to rest, the spring breeze does not understand parting, still from the phase to hoary head.The wind is chilly, the end of the world guest meaning times desolate, lang Jun this to beauty in the distance.Heaven intends to solve people’s worries, invade several degrees of autumn, want to ask Mr. Lang a smile min enmity.Lang jun go no longer, the dream beauty tears trickling down cheeks, beauty white hair affection in the heart.It is not as good as the husband has no mind, if the solution infatuation, why invite into the drawing.A line of implicated Guangyu, sansheng intended to renew the leading edge, if the truth in the lang Jun, is willing to a hundred years with the beauty.One meaning sky million water total contrary, lang Jun if beauty wings.After I came late, the dream beauty invited under the moon, the breeze sent love poems.Good human, this way long distance, dongfeng puzzled phase helped xie Qiao.Heart seal, songtao meaning in harmony, the dream where to go, beauty can be in the moon.The summer heat is endless, the frog drum is harmonious, Mr. Lang is always parting.Where to go, beauty far in the water clouds, do not understand the acacia bitter, still blowing flower meaning.Beauty go not to look back, want to ask Mr. Lang how many autumn, red leaves on the moon tall buildings.Dongfeng long long two do not know, to ask the lang laugh drunk as crazy.Yellow flower meaning, deciduous feeling, want to ask Mr. Lang can be in the dream.Lang Jun where line, a smile flowers meet, spring breeze send love really with the moon.Where to find the beauty, the lang Qianying do not understand spoony, night rain phase tears full jin.The moon drunk lotus pond, a wisp of cool breeze cool, to ask Mr. Lang can be in the middle of the water.The spring breeze sent cool, peach and plum competing to douyanfang, want to ask where to go, beauty can be in the middle of the water.Do not look back, the dream of beauty alone on the floor, breeze far away, the end of the world looked broken meaning difficult to accept.Since ancient times, beauty more fateful, why the lang Jun blame the world of mortals, spring breeze does not understand spoony, hug speechless tears full towel.Idle court number fallen flowers, heavy curtain does not roll the setting sun oblique, sparse star light moon west wind did not go home.Life did not read only sparse learning is inferior to, today re turn are in deep appreciation.Life and the sparse, not willing to go back to the old hidden by line, still have leisure court a grass lu.Mountain high road uneven, walking song line, the spring breeze did not sparse forest bird song.Leisurely walk to find new poetry, dew heavy frost thick leaves fall late, according to the hedge has not been to the prophet.Leaves have been red, chrysanthemum plexus, heavy curtain not roll idle court to listen to the evening bell.Thin shadow across the window open, not allowed to dye dust, incense floating leisure court down.Thousands of tears, leisure court recall hometown, not to the night people have drunk, thin star several months such as frost.– Zheng Huixian # 100 # 100 List #