Sun Haiyang experiment new steamed stuffed bun variety, Zhuo Ma revealed is meat package, express a detail to make a person warm heart

2022-05-17 0 By

Recently, Sun Ocean’s bun shop continues to operate, not only now the store business is hot, on the line of the yellow car sales are also crazy rob out.As there was only one sticky bean bun in the yellow cart, there were many kinds of steamed buns in the shop, which made many friends jealous. Netizens wanted to see a local person and left messages asking them to carry the steamed buns from the shop.But this is not the way, the main thing is that there are too few kinds of baozi.Therefore, in order to satisfy the wishes of netizens, Sun Haiyang is preparing to put new varieties on the shelves.According to Zhuo ma, Sun haiyang is now experimenting with new varieties of baozi, and netizens will soon enjoy them.For Sun Haiyang’s shop, netizens are still very relieved, although the price is a little high, but after all, it is food, need cold chain transportation, high cost is understandable.What’s more, the steamed stuffed bun of the couple is very delicate, with a thin layer of translucent skin. The stuffing inside is very sufficient, whether beans or corn, is very fresh. Therefore, the fans are looking forward to the new product.It is reported that the new steamed stuffed bun variety is meat, which will undoubtedly increase the difficulty for Sun Haiyang.Beans, after all, retain much of their original flavor when heated and cooled, but meat is not so simple.First of all, meat is easy to spoil, so the world is full of bacon, and when it cools, the meat tastes and tastes so different from fresh meat that it can easily tip over.Then there are additives, such as food food need to add preservatives, but after adding preservatives can not ensure the health of food.If preservatives are not added, it is just like more efforts are made in the cold chain transportation of food packaging boxes, which requires more financial and material resources. When converted to each logistics, it is also a large expenditure.If you add this money to the customer, the price is too high for anyone to buy.If it’s on you, there’s no profit to be made.Once there is a problem with a batch of goods, there will be no money left.So the process of experimenting with new varieties is a long one.But no matter which buns are sold, the delivery is carefully packaged, with a collapse-resistant foam box and two layers of packaging to ensure that the delivery won’t be distorted when it arrives.One of the more heart-warming details of the express delivery is that each express has an advertisement for looking for the family’s children. Through these advertisements, the information of the family can be transmitted to thousands of families through the steamed stuffed bun.Sun Haiyang sells heart-warming steamed stuffed bun, or some people raised doubts, that fans spend 60 yuan, in order to get an advertisement, the advertising promotion price is too high.But don’t forget, this is only incidental, the price of its own goods is worth this money, a total of 18 steamed stuffed bun, a steamed stuffed bun three or four yuan is also very normal, and people are also passing the information of family search online, one more advertisement will be more hope.What do you think about that?