A day for cats and a day for dogs

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Last week China A shares are low contraction concussion market.In terms of trading volume: 862.457 billion yuan on Monday, 827.498 billion yuan on Tuesday, 807.016 billion yuan on Wednesday, 908.798 billion yuan on Thursday, and 807.55 billion yuan on Friday.In terms of market hot spots: Monday was COVID-19, Tuesday was track stocks, Wednesday was infrastructure, Thursday was soil testing, And Friday was west and East.In fact, investors are so jittery that the market’s performance is closely related to the vagaries of the situation at home and abroad.First, the risk of war between Russia and Ukraine is on the minds of people all over the world.Neither Russia nor Ukraine wants to fight a war in their own country, but the US and UK have to pick a fight.The United States was built on war. In 1999, NATO bombed Yugoslavia, which immediately devalued the newly born euro by 30%, along with trillions of dollars of euro assets flowing into the United States.The United States will not stop this time either.Second, the fed is close to raising interest rates.A 5 basis point fed hike in March is all but certain.The result will be an appreciation of the dollar and A depreciation of the renminbi, and time will tell if the flow of smart northbound money into China’s A-share market will continue as usual.Moreover, equity funds underperformed.”Housing is not speculation”, equity funds are set up in the residential savings and the stock market between the bridge.But fund manager can only rely on bull market to make money like retail investors, encounter bear market fund net value to retreat substantially, let base people sad unceasingly, at the same time brought about the new fund to issue adverse, thus forming a bad vicious circle, so can only with retail investors together dead carry bitter support to the arrival of the next wave of bull market.But difficulties are temporary, sunshine always after the storm.With the firm support of national policies and the gradual improvement of domestic economic fundamentals, the spring of China A shares is still possible.Liang Qiping February 20, 2022