The more you try, the more you fail. How can Germany get lost in the millennium?The strategic landscape is behind The Times

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Since 962, German King Otto I was crowned by the Pope in Rome and the German Empire began, it has been more than 1,000 years.But in terms of territory, today’s Germany is not larger than the basic territory of the Holy Roman Empire, but significantly smaller.Why is that?Simply blaming ethnic and religious issues may be superficial.Before sailing, limited to the Catholic world narrow pattern, holy Roman do big sailing before, still can be centered by the French Catholic world is quite narrow, roughly between France Dijon, mulan highland as the center, core region was almost Charlemagne frankish kingdom before expansion, roughly to the Rhine river in the east line;The periphery is the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany.The German – French enmity is precisely the battle for the Rhine line.With the decline of Catholicism, the Holy Roman empire experienced a period of great vacancy (1254~1273) for nearly two decades, and then came an incestuous dynasty of inbreeding, the Habsburgs, who inherited the throne through close blood,Gradually expanded the Habsburg dynasty, which originated in Austria, to roughly cover Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria and other half of the Catholic world.In our Eastern culture, this expansion of the royal family of pure blood is quite incredible, because they can marry a princess who has no brothers and give them a kingdom.However, it is not difficult to understand the Catholic endorsement behind this phenomenon;But also is easy to understand, after the birth of the protestant British policy in China has taken the balance and the habsburg Austria can do big, with Austria in Germany and Italy, have the very big relations between because of the special geographical location, made the size of Germany and Italy to the habsburg dynasty landlords are not easy to produce hostile;And this loose royal rule also made the big and small landlords in the dynasty benefited a lot in foreign actions.When the Great Voyage began and Protestantism flourished, the strategic pattern of Europe should be enlarged to the Black Sea and The Great Voyage of Sweden. Britain and Germany took the lead in converting to Protestantism, and Denmark and Sweden followed suit.Western Europe is no longer Catholic.Although the main battlefield of the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) was Germany, the new Church fought in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and France, which was Catholic but took the protestant side for its own sake.In addition, the new church received support from Britain and Russia.Therefore, with the Thirty Years’ War as the watershed, Europe’s strategic pattern was to break through the limitations of the Catholic world, at least to expand to most of Europe west of the Russian highlands.In other words, the change of European strategic pattern has the greatest impact on Germany, which was originally located at the relative edge but became close to the strategic center after strategic expansion.Although the impact on Italy was similar in terms of geography alone, it was relatively reduced because Italy was divided for most of the time after the Roman Empire.After the great Voyage, the German Empire carried the burden of the Holy Roman empire and failed to achieve strategic breakthrough. The Prussian Kingdom started outside the legal boundaries of the Holy Roman Empire (Konigsberg was originally a branch of east Slavs — Prussians), and finally unified Germany after Germanization.This in itself is the embodiment of the expansion of the European strategic pattern.But the Ruling class of Prussia clearly did not understand this, and in the Franco-Prussian war to unify Germany a little too hard on France.Before the Voyage, Germany and France were at loggerheads over the Rhine region.However, after the expansion of the European strategic pattern, Suddeutsche was already located in the middle of the European world, and the Rhine region was already a buffer between Germany and Britain and France.In order to unify the South German will, it is necessary to show its muscle to France, but the main purpose of attacking France is to unify Germany. Therefore, once the purpose of unification is achieved, the attack on France should be stopped and the relationship should be repaired after the war.In other words, after the expansion of The European strategic pattern, the Baltic Sea is the most reliable strategic base for Germany;Just as Prussia started with Konigsberg.Under the new pattern, even if the environment of the Baltic sea region is not satisfactory, it is still the basis for Germany to develop into a big rear, while the Rhine river and Suddeutsche region are better conditions, but they are the front line of the strategic struggle for Supremacy in Europe.Unfortunately, from Bismarck to Schlieffen and later to Mauch, all unconsciously regarded France as their main enemy;This, combined with the Austro-Hungarian alliance, would certainly make Russia an enemy of Germany.So Germany, in World War I, was faced with a terrible situation of a two-front war, plus the Naval blockade by Britain, Germany was actually surrounded on three sides.Therefore, in all their efforts before the first World War, the Germans put themselves in a position of being besieged on all sides, really trying to die.As for The Second World War, the German strategy in Europe was basically sound;The main problem is that after entering the age of petroleum industry, the globalization of the world intensifies, and local wars must be viewed in the context of global strategy.Even if The Americas joined the world, the Continents of Eurasia and Africa were still the main land of the earth. If the American forces wanted to participate in the global hegemony, they had to use some parts of Eurasia and Africa as a springboard.Therefore, after globalization, the center of the world stage is the surrounding area of the Indian Ocean surrounded by the Asian, European and African continents. Who is the leader of the Indian Ocean, who is the biggest enemy of Germany in World War II, and the rest are all Allies that can be won over.Because strategic pattern didn’t upgrade for the global field of vision, in time of the second world war Germany, won in Europe, but only to help the United States will Britain pull down from the throne, both European rivals, who all can not continue to dominate in the Indian Ocean, so let us fill in time, replace the UK, as the Indian Ocean and even the leader of the world’s oceans.The Germans have really been trying, but their strategy is behind The Times and the more they try, the more they fail