Up to 500,000 yuan | Luzhou multi-departments issued a joint award to construction enterprises

2022-05-18 0 By

Recently, luzhou daily reporter learned from the municipal housing and urban and rural construction bureau that for booster club talents gathered the implementation of the action, the municipal party committee organization department, municipal housing and urban and rural construction bureau, municipal bureau of finance, municipal human resources and social security bureau and other four departments recently jointly issued by the relevant detailed rules for the implementation, to reward a level of qualification of construction enterprise,Eligible senior management teams of construction companies will receive up to 500,000 yuan.It is reported that the implementation of the rules for the implementation of the scope of luzhou city downtown, including Jiangyang District, Longmatan District, Naxi district and the park, other counties can refer to the implementation of the rules or separate specific rules.Declaration enterprise need to be in jiangyang, longmatan, creek area registration in the administrative areas and in a timely manner in accordance with the tax of pay of full specified amount, with independent legal person qualification, obtains the sequence of construction general contracting and professional contracting qualification, on August 24 in 2021 for the first time into the system in the future, and in into the system within 1 year after (in the system after four straight quarters) declare the construction output value of construction enterprises.At the same time, the declared enterprise should operate legally, pay taxes according to law, have good credit, have no major quality, safety, environmental protection accidents, and have no trust-breaking behavior among the senior management team members.According to the implementation rules, senior management teams of construction enterprises that meet the requirements for declaration will be rewarded 500,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan respectively if their output value reaches 800 million yuan, 500 million yuan and 200 million yuan and they pay 24 million yuan, 15 million yuan and 6 million yuan in local taxes in the first year after the registration.(Luzhou Daily reporter Liu Mingxia)