Watch the Winter Olympics during the Spring Festival follow the footsteps of the general secretary to feel the charm of ice and snow

2022-05-18 0 By

“The Beijing Winter Olympics will open tomorrow night, the world is looking to China, and China is ready!”In a video address to the opening session of the 139th Session of the International Olympic Committee on Feb 3, President Xi Jinping firmly said.Since 2017, The general Secretary has made five field visits to the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, including the Genting Ski Resort, The Capital Gymnasium and the National Bobsled Center…Three major divisions have left his “winter Olympics footprint”.Bearing in mind the instructions of the general secretary, the Chinese Ice and Snow Corps has achieved the goal of “carrying out, building teams and training all events” through unremitting efforts.The Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics will begin soon.”Double Olympic city” is ready to start, the light of the five rings is waiting to bloom.When the Spring Festival coincides with the Winter Olympics, the Year of the Tiger adds more sports “flavor”.CCTV network “Lianbo +” invites you to follow the General secretary’s “Winter Olympics footprints”, together with the charm of ice and snow.(China Media Group