Qi Yang: Chen Xiaoping research spring ploughing preparation work to develop the situation

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Rednet moment On February 20 news (correspondent Deng Qinyou) On February 19, Qi Yang municipal party committee deputy secretary, mayor Chen Xiaoping survey spring farming agricultural production and agricultural supplies, the requirement to do a good job of spring farming preparation, stable production for work.Qi Yang municipal standing committee, vice mayor Jiang Mingming to participate in the investigation.Chen Xiaoping and his delegation visited Qiyangxin Sanxiang Agricultural Materials Co., LTD., urban agricultural materials sales points, Runhui Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and other places to inspect the purchasing channels, types, prices and supplies of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other spring ploughing materials.Detailed understanding of seedling breeding, seed selection, seedling breeding process, machinery and equipment, planting area, production benefits, etc.Chen Xiaoping pointed out that only when spring ploughing lays a good foundation can agriculture have a good harvest.Relevant departments should attach great importance to carry out spring ploughing preparation work scientifically and efficiently, implement various agricultural assistance policies in place, guide farmers to seize the time of farming, actively adjust agricultural industrial structure, lift spring ploughing preparation and agricultural production upsurge, and provide strong food security guarantee for high-quality economic and social development.Chen Xiaoping called on the government to do a good job in stocking and scheduling agricultural products such as seeds, fertilizers and pesticides for spring farming, ensuring adequate supply of agricultural materials, stable prices and smooth supply, and escorting preparations for spring farming.Relevant departments should further deepen the understanding, effectively do a good job in the service work, help farmers to solve the actual difficulties and problems in production, ensure the smooth development of spring ploughing preparation, promote the city’s agricultural ecology, efficient, large-scale development, in order to achieve the annual agricultural production goals from a good start.Source: Rednet author: Deng Qinyou Editor: Wang Yang