The New Year begins at home, with Lake Sirius bringing the same exquisite life as Dilreba

2022-05-20 0 By

The year 2022 has officially begun, and many of you have already returned to work.While continuing to work hard in the New Year, don’t let up on cleaning your home.The Lake Sirius 3-in-1 Full house vacuuming/floor scrubbing machine is a great way to adapt to the fast pace of work while keeping your living environment clean and tidy.This goddess Dilieba cleaning “magic”, a collection of various cleaning functions, can maximize the compression of home cleaning work, truly one-stop efficient cleaning.In the pursuit of meticulous work, life can not be careless, every corner is spotless exquisite life with hard work you more match oh.Compared with the previous work, the biggest innovation of Lake-Sirius is concentrated in the suction head. The design of washing after suction allows it to complete the work of vacuum cleaner and washing machine at the same time, and directly solve the work of vacuating and washing the ground at the same time.Not only that, Sirius also has a quick drying black technology, with no traces of drying, avoid water stains, effectively avoid a series of problems caused by water stains on the ground for too long.Lecsirius also takes it in stride when it comes to areas that are difficult to clean, such as a narrow space under a piece of furniture.Sirius integrated two patented technologies of “sewage tank anti-countercurrent patent design” and “high-precision electrode anti-overflow false alarm patent design” can achieve 180° lying flat cleaning, body lying flat power is not reduced, easily solve narrow gaps.Whole scene is applicable, eliminate wholesome dead Angle thoroughly nowadays more and more families like to place a carpet in the room, need not too big can let house warmth a lot of.Nevertheless sweet is cost, a lot of families are willing to use carpet, but not everybody can prepare a special cleanness equipment in the home, because this also does not have method to assure regular undertakes depth cleanness.The carpet is placed on the ground, and the cleaning needs are the same as the floor. If it cannot be cleaned in time, it is really difficult to put people at ease in the process of use.Lakersirian has a trick up his sleeve for this.It is equipped with a patent spiral strip brush in cleaning carpet can achieve strong patting, patting clean, can be deep cleaning carpet at any time.In addition, when facing complex areas such as bookcases and wine cabinets, the Lyksirius can also be easily held by switching the handheld mode with one button.With the original 2-in-1 rolling brush, easy vacuuming, clean more freely.Meticulous work, life can not be careless.Every corner is spotless exquisite life more worthy of efforts on their own.Get your hands on the same dilieba cleanser and feel the delicacy and elegance of the goddess.