Shandong most cattle boss sell roast pig, do not need to advertise do not hang signs, do not retail customers have no choice

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In the service industry has said that the customer is god, only to provide good service to make customer satisfaction, such business is doing better, but the roast Suckling pig shop in shandong and the opposite direction, make it home barbecue can only is the whole purchase, does not provide retail, customer accept to buy, do not accept to, this is HaoHeng, the most important thing is that business is quite good,Every day orders in an endless stream, his two brothers simply busy come over, go to see its roast Suckling pig in the end what charm?Excellent quality and reasonable price, make money due to the boss of the shop business is hidden in the home, no sign, for the first time visit patrons are hard to find, shop owner is a pair of brothers, was out of the cart, then the feeling is very not easy and go home with roast Suckling pig, roast Suckling pig is really famous in the shop now, every day can sell 30 or so,The price is still a little expensive, 320 yuan for a roast leg of lamb, 90 yuan for a catty. Even so, the boss also requires diners to pay for the Suckling pig in advance, otherwise they will not prepare it.Craft exquisite boss roast Suckling pig head generally remain in 30 jins, purchasing Suckling pig back after more than ten working procedure is needed to make it tasty released, first you need to clean, otherwise it’s easy to bake out not good appearance, affect appetite, the second is to clean up the fur on the pig, or it will affect the taste,Each pig boss will take a gun to burn down bit by bit, in order to prevent any fish from slipping through the net, and then also epithelial water, in order to make the pig skin has color and crisp taste, from cleaning to the pot boss takes about three and a half hours, it can be seen that delicious still need time to precipitation, can not be careless.Customer didn’t choose to roast Suckling pig crispy skin, inside of the meat have salt relish a little won’t feel to eat wood, each head of pig also paired with green vegetables, roast Suckling pig wrapped in green vegetables taste rich, taste not greasy, in addition to roast Suckling pig, store and roast leg of lamb, roast pork, for pork chops, the boss is very domineering, bake their own how much is the customer needs to buy together go, don’t break up,A pork chop usually costs about 150 yuan. It takes four or five people to eat it.Boss for own business confidence, no don’t have to worry about the business, often have a friend to do since the media in to photograph, the boss always a face of the abandon of say: I don’t need to propaganda, business has let his hands are full now, earn $when he is happy every day, every day do their roast pig is the best publicity about themselves.