This slaveholder raped his four nieces and 10-year-old daughter, and they never married, and he was elected to the Senate

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We often see some sanctimonious people, they have done a lot of immoral things, but always find a tricky Angle to defend themselves, this behavior is often denounced as shameless, but in fact there is a reasonable explanation.Rationalization of their own behavior is a human self-protection mechanism, once this protection is overdone, it becomes shameless.There was once an American whose shamelessness reached a level unsurpassed by man: James Henry Hammond.Born on November 15, 1807, in South Carolina, Hammond’s shamelessness runs deep. His father, Elisha Hammond, was a selfish little man.As a lawyer, he was obsessed with the inheritance of his wife’s uncle John.Old John was a womanizer, coveting Elisha’s daughter.Hammond inherited all the faults of both, being both lustful and greedy.In 1830, Hammond, already a lawyer, met a 16-year-old girl, Catherine Elizabeth Fitzsimmons. She fell in love, and Hammond went after Catherine’s money.Catherine’s father was a rich landowner who had died five years before, and as soon as they married, the wealth would go to Hammond.Catherine Elizabeth Fitzsimons’ family was strongly opposed to the marriage. They could see at a glance that Hammond was up to something, but girls in love were only interested in lovers.Even today, many people have lashed out at their families of origin and denounced “parents are a scourge” on the Internet. They have never thought that only parents can support their children selflessly before marriage.Further, Catherine married Hammond without turning back, bringing him 57 square kilometers (85,000 acres) of plantation and more than 300 slaves, which was a super wealth before the American Civil War, Hammond jumped from a small middle class to super rich overnight, a real slave owner.A rich former lawyer, a natural next step would be politics.Hammond, a staunch defender of slavery, declared: “In all social systems there must be a class to perform the menial duties and do the drudgery of life.”He called these groups of lowlifes muds, so Americans called his explanation “Mudsill theory.”The quagmire theory was rejected by many, including Lincoln, but was popular in the South. Hammond gained a foothold in American politics and was elected governor of South Carolina in 1842.As we all know, to prosper in American politics, one must have money and two must have connections, and Hammond’s success in American politics also depends on the help of his wife’s family.Ann Fitzsimmons, the sister of his wife Catherine, married Wade Hampton II, a famous American politician at the time.Wade Hampton Jr. served as a lieutenant in the Second Revolutionary War and later became an aide to President Andrew Johnson.Not only that, Hampton ii was also a big slave owner, worth much higher than Hammond.Hammond’s political success depended on the introduction and support of Hampton II.However, all this came to an abrupt end in 1843.That was the year Hampton ii’s eldest daughter Harriet Hampton, 20, plucked up the courage to report that her uncle Hammond had brutally raped and sexually abused her and her four sisters over a two-year period.Harriet Hampton You can imagine how a father must feel when he hears such news.Hampton ii was unable to bring Hammond to justice for lack of evidence, but chose to publicly blame Hammond for his crimes.Hammond, of course, was defensive, and his wife Catherine publicly stood up for her husband.The result of the scandal was a lose-lose affair, with Hammond’s reputation tarnished and ostracized by American “high society”.After his term as governor ended, he planned to run for the Senate, but Hampton Ii’s accusations scuppered all of that.Hampton ii’s four daughters were discredited and never allowed to marry.Don’t think the US is too open, these people are puritans, with their female bondage, they are no worse than Ming Dynasty China.Over the years, many people suspected that Hammond’s strong support for slavery might have led pro-abolitionist politicians to create a rape scandal to attack Hammond.In 1989, however, Hammond’s personal diary was published, which finally confirmed the rumours.In his diary, Hammond defended himself, saying the four teenage girls were so familiar with him that they allowed him to grope them and that they tempted him to err.He added that his feelings for the four girls were genuine and delicate, and that his political opponents had spoiled them with vulgar language.Well, in the rough road of hooliganism, Mr Hammond is free.Katherine used to cover for her husband, but then she couldn’t hold her own.As early as 1839, Hammond bought an 18-year-old slave named Sally Johnson.Like most slave owners at the time, Hammond took her to be young and pretty and slept with her.Soon after, Sally gave birth to a girl named Louisa.In 1850, when Louisa was 10, Hammond, 43, also spared her own daughter.This matter let Catherine know, Catherine immediately asked Hammond to sell Sally mother and daughter.Hammond disagrees, and Catherine is furious and runs away with the baby.In his diary, Hammond blamed his wife’s blood: “Satan had tempted me to marry the vulgar Fitzsimons, whose Irish blood was inferior, false, selfish, vain, and utterly inferior to my own.”It was such a scumbag, and then still got the support of the American upper class.Because he firmly opposed the abolition of slavery, became the representative of the slave owners in the South.”I firmly believe that slavery in America is not a sin, but a special decree of God through Moses, approved by Jesus Christ through his apostles.”This was Hammond’s famous defense of slavery, and was the main support of many American slaves at that time.Hammond won his election to the Senate in 1857.In the eyes of a Chinese, if a man did what Hammond did, the most he should get is prison, or at least death by society, yet in the United States, such a man can still be a governor, a senator.Right and wrong, black and white, morality, these things don’t seem to matter much in America.