@Taiyuan people!The blue sky and warm sun will continue to accompany our province today and tomorrow, and there will be snow the day after tomorrow

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Today’s sunshine and refueling for the Winter Olympic Games mood full of vigor and enthusiasm. Today, the weather in our province is fine. With the help of the sunshine, the warmth is meltingBut little wind temperature will continue to rebound but after the heat up a cold air will come the weather pattern will change gradually is 12 Snow weather in our province 12 at night during the day that the province will be cloudy, overcast days north most of central and southern parts have a light snow, parts of the central north have moderate snow, northern local areas have snow.In terms of temperature, the highest temperature in most parts of the province has fallen slightly. The lowest temperature has risen. The highest temperature in Yangquan today is 8℃, but it will drop to 1℃ on The 12th.Datong minimum 12 to 15 ℃ lowest temperatures today – 8 ℃ warming to 7 ℃ temperature will dramatic ups and downs advising the public to pay attention to the weather changes in a timely manner to add clothing in time be sure to keep warm city today and tomorrow weather forecast is given priority to with sunny to cloudy Bai Tianti feeling warm in our province but still cold in the morning and evening there 12 also snow, cooling process should pay attention to the public timely attention near the forecast in advanceDo a good job of cold insulation measures source: Shanxi Meteorological Observatory