Three index rebound, real estate led, securities, liquor followed, how to grasp the market!

2022-05-22 0 By

Index after two days before the drop-off adjustment, in yesterday and $9000 at the bottom of the reduction volume, superimposed current policy support, today’s rebound in the blacklist, and in our previous also said that the Shanghai 3200 below to add warehouse area, about 3300 for underweight, maintaining the pattern of shocks in a short time, real estate collective harden today, real estate index surged by more than 5%,Under the coordination of liquor, securities and other weights, rebound nearly 2%, boosted the market, so how to grasp the late?Share two content, help grasp the late trend, pay attention to Liangge, investment do not get lost.1, the bull market standard-bearer force, late can continue to rise?Today in real estate, liquor, securities and other weight leads, the index up, two cities and 950 billion volume, the current trends can continue, for now the current is difficult to continue to rise, on the one hand, from the pressure of the top 3300 and 33.4 points, up 1% to reach, the shape of the larger probability will go high rushed back, now, rose,Is the first two days of peripheral rise, and the index stability rise is not big after the outbreak of capital repression, but also to facilitate the back of the callback will not suddenly fall below 3200 points, so tomorrow two days to grasp the opportunity of high throw, in the current position, will shock digestion for a period of time probability is large.2, how to grasp the plate opportunity?Current sustainability is relatively good real estate, medicine, plate, the former is affected by wide under the easing of credit, the plate, the general stock market entities will be the priority for reaction, mainly real estate is expected after a storm comes a calm, have to reverse the rhythm of the previous trend, short-term rise in real estate receipts need combination of performance, beware of hot money retreat after the collapse of the stock,For high-quality real estate enterprises, the follow-up can pay attention to its repeated opportunities for a long time;Securities and liquor plate is mainly rebound, most of the two plates are pre-increase, so the relative certainty is high, but the slow rise, rise ink, steady friends are mainly back to lower suction, a little makes a mica makes a mica, steady profit;Coal, agricultural plate today callback, on the one hand, a few days ago more, on the other hand, there is a seesaw effect with the index, in the late index if the high fall, these two plates have a certain low suction opportunity, when the index callback, or performance opportunity.Overall, shock market index, is mainly to grasp the rhythm of plate rotation.Index up today, basic can h. the prophase fell this week, in the current volatile market, long-term customers still need to be moderate cast high low suck reduce cost, short-term customers mainly grasps the plate rotation opportunities, more investment share, can look at the bright elder brother, only to share valuable investment dry!