1.58 billion KWH!The power plant achieved a good start to the quarter.

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In the central control room of the Qianbei Power Plant, workers watch the data on the screen intently to ensure the normal and orderly operation of the unit.In the first quarter, Qianbei Power Plant carried out various work strictly in accordance with the production and operation plan of each stage in accordance with the actual situation of the power plant, so as to ensure adequate power supply.”As of March 29, the qianbei power plant had generated 1.58 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity for the whole year,” said Yuan Zhongming, chief of the power generation operation department of the qianbei power Plant.Under the influence of multiple factors, the task of power supply guarantee is difficult. As the first demonstration project of “power transmission from west to East” in China, Qianbei Power Plant takes the initiative and takes multiple measures simultaneously to guarantee the safe and stable operation of the unit by starting from various indicators affecting production.Yuan Zhongming is checking the operation of the power plant in the control room.Production line staff carefully inspection, carefully adjust the operation parameters, to overcome the long period of operation of the unit equipment hidden dangers.Accurate coal blending to solve the problem of uneven coal quality.To ensure that all environmental parameters within the standard range of emissions, to fully ensure the safety and stability of the unit, environmental and economic operation, to do a good job in power supply.”Yuan Zhongming introduced.Yuan Zhongming is on duty in the first quarter, earnestly implement the jinsha government, the county bureau of energy to suck power plant work arrangements, to ensure the balance of coal supply at the same time, the precision of blending coal blending, through focus on power generation plan, analysis of the power grid load changes, forecast the required coal calorific value, and through the different coal and calorific value adjustment, maximize economic blending.At present, Qianbei Power Plant adheres to safety, ecology and environmental protection as the basis, takes energy saving and consumption reduction as the core, controls the relationship between coal and electricity, and strives to achieve accurate load prediction, accurate fuel procurement, fine coal blending and burning, so as to improve the operation and management level of the power plant and make due contributions to the local economy and power safety.The year 2022 is crucial for implementing the 14th Five-Year Plan.To win the whole year, we must first win in the first quarter of the year to seize the opportunity, lay the foundation and seize the initiative for steady growth.Suck power plant will adhere to the word pledge, seek improvement in stability, stick to play “stock” brand, “delta” and “future” brand has been a common thread, adhere to grasp stability, incremental emphasizing and future stock, accelerate the gold salix pond 2 x 1000 mw ultra-supercritical coal-fired unit “alternative” such as capacity project progress, to promote the jinsha economy construction and urban development strong energy.Correspondent Chen Xue CAI Zhengling editor Li Wenyong editor Li Kai