Engaged in business Lin Update is the most handsome!CCTV star ratings pleasing, the original author wildly kua reduction

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Lin Gengxin, we like to call him Lin Dog, because he is a sand sculpture with no burden and easy to communicate with.But a lot of people ignored because of this, Lin Update, do business is the most handsome!In the beginning of the year, the First Encounter and The Final Separation was broadcast on CCTV in the second prime time. Under the attack of the hit dramas “Across the Yalu River” and “Touring Inspection Team”, the audience rating still occupied the fourth place, which showed Lin’s ability to carry the drama as the leading actor.It is also very popular on the Internet, with millions of discussions on the topic. It is also very popular among young people.Lin, who plays an undercover cop who sometimes disguises himself as a rogue bachelor and sometimes as a righteous cop, feels no pressure to play both roles.Lin’s performance was highly recognized by the author of the original work, who not only watched the series finale at his own expense, but also wrote a short essay praising his performance.In the IP adaptation of the word of mouth is uneven today, this result is very valuable.Although Lin Gengxin plays a serious cop drama, he also changed into a bully CEO in My Bargain Queen. I have to say, this drama is very suitable for sucking up the face.Girl heart full emotional line is also a big hotspot, after all, Lin Update’s face is too good generation, who doesn’t want to fall in love with such a handsome man!Lin also guest-starred in Liu Laogen 4. His handsome appearance and authentic Northeast Dialect make him the “son-in-law on the run in Northeast China”.It used to be said that Lin Gengxin was the dream of 900 million girls, but after the show was broadcast, it became the dream of 900 million mothers-in-law.The year of 2021, when the three episodes aired, Lin Gengxin himself spent time shooting Please Call Me Director. Lin Gengxin always does not sacrifice quality for quantity, and this is a breakout year.At present, the drama has obtained the license, which means that it will be broadcasted soon. In the sideliners, I saw Lin Gengxin’s different appearance from normal ones, and the appearance of studying the script is particularly charming.The 13th is Lin Gengxin’s birthday, fans celebrate the idol’s birthday in various ways, some of them do mixed cutting, debut for many years, it is true that Lin Gengxin left many classic roles, now is still mentioned by the audience.As an actor Lin Xin is very worthy of attention, I wish the handsome boy happy birthday again, shoot more fun!