Zixing People’s Procuratorate: take heart and start to create excellence

2022-05-23 0 By

Rednet.com moment February 7th (Reporter Peng Yuejun) On February 7th, the first day of the New Year, the People’s Procuratorate of Zixing held a police officers’ meeting, learning and conveying the spirit of the zixing Municipal Standing Committee (expanded) meeting at the first time, and deploying the procuratorial work in 2022.The meeting pointed out that everyone should be on duty as soon as possible, heart in place, quickly from the holiday mode to the working mode, from the rest state to adjust to the working state, solid work, pragmatic innovation, for this year’s work a good step, a good start, achieve a good start, stable door.The meeting stressed that we should get together and get into working condition quickly.We should overcome the “festival syndrome”, concentrate our minds on our work, and strive for first-class performance, build a strong team, and take the procuratorial work of resources and prosperity to a new level with a sense of urgency, a sense of mission worthy of history, and a sense of responsibility not to be lost to the people.We must raise our political standing and pay close attention to the implementation of our work.According to the actual situation of the procuratorial work, the arrangements of the central and higher procuratorial organs should be carried out in detail.We need to foster a strong sense of competition for excellence, be practical, take the lead, demonstrate our political responsibility with concrete achievements, and uphold the “Two priorities” and “two priorities.”We must fully implement the requirements for strict party oversight and inspection, abide by the professional ethics of public procurators, and handle cases in a rational, calm, civilized, and standardized manner.We must faithfully perform our duties and practice justice for the people.Will fully implement the “new era of the central committee of the communist party of China about strengthening procuratorial organ of legal supervision work opinion” and “the CPC hunan provincial committee on strengthening the implementation of the new era procuratorial organs legal supervision work opinion”, adhere to the supervision in the case, the case in the supervision, trying to make the people in every perception of fairness and justice judicial cases.We should carry forward the spirit of “pioneering, creating and doing” and promote the high-quality development of procuratorial work.In accordance with the requirements of “making up the short board, strong and weak items, grasping characteristics and creating brand”, we carry the heavy burden with the spirit of “chuang”, open the new bureau with the momentum of “innovation”, and seek practical results with the style of “dry”, do new wonderful and innovative achievements.