Huicheng issued the latest epidemic prevention notice, cafes, bars, KTV and other closed

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On February 2, Huicheng District issued a notice on the implementation of regional control, setting relevant areas in Longfeng and Shuikou streets as closed control zones, temporarily shutting down Internet cafes, bars, singing and dancing entertainment venues (KTV) and other closed business venues in the district to strengthen the prevention and control measures of the epidemic.The details of the announcement are as follows:COVID-19 prevention and control in Huicheng DistrictIn order to further strengthen epidemic prevention and control, reduce the movement of people, block transmission channels and reduce the risk of spread of the epidemic,To protect the health and safety of the people, according to the relevant provisions of epidemic prevention and control, and after comprehensive analysis and judgment by the expert group, the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: 1. Building B, Guangdian Dormitory, Longfeng Street, and Building 8, Hongshun Ideal Garden, Shuikou Street, will be designated as containment zones starting from January 31, 2022.In the containment area, “isolation, staying indoors and door-to-door services” were strictly implemented: health management at home for 14 days was carried out from January 31, and nucleic acid 1 test was conducted every day for the first 7 days.The first, fourth and seventh nucleic acid tests will be carried out in the next seven days, and the test is expected to end on February 13.Ii. Internet cafes, bars, KTV and other closed business venues in the district will be suspended for one week (From February 2, 2022 to 23:59 on February 9, 2022).Cinemas will limit traffic at 50% of their capacity, and strictly implement measures such as scanning codes (health codes and travel codes), temperature measurement, registration and wearing masks.3. Residents in the district are required to conduct nucleic acid testing and vaccination in an orderly manner. Meanwhile, they are required to perform self-health monitoring, and report to the village (residential or community) in time if they have fever, dry cough, fatigue, smell (taste) loss, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, myalgia and diarrhea.Pay attention to personal hygiene and health protection, comply with control requirements on public transport, and cooperate with epidemic prevention and inspection.Wear masks, wash hands frequently, disinfect frequently, ventilate rooms, and maintain social distancing.COVID-19 outbreak in Huicheng DistrictOffice of the Leading Group on Prevention and ControlFebruary 2, 2022