When she returned home for the Spring Festival, she was urged to get married. After half a year, she got divorced

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Marriage is a lifetime thing, must be careful, do not “desperate”.If you find the wrong job, you can find it again. Some people can change jobs several times a year.But marriage is not so easy, although you can divorce, but after all, it is a broken thing, and can not always divorce.Now there are many leftover men and women, others look leftover men and women seem very natural, in fact, they also have their pain.Anyway, people all have their own difficulties, no matter what kind of life style, are full of sweet and sour.If you don’t find the right person, it’s not bad to be alone.It is better to be single than to settle for a marriage that is unhappy and ends in divorce.Living alone also has the advantage of living alone, people do not have to marry, marry for happiness, not to complete the task.Chinese New Year, generally a lot of people will go home for Chinese New Year, especially those single people, always go back to accompany their parents, relatives and friends.So there is the problem of urging marriage, parents and relatives and friends are constantly asking: do you have a partner?When are you getting married?Such a problem for leftover men and women, the heart is not good, they do not want to get married?But did not meet the right person, and can not just pull a person to marry, so they are also very helpless.When Miss Wu was just in her 20s, she was courted by many people, but she was too preoccupied with studying hard to fall in love.After graduating from university, Miss Wu entered a foreign-funded enterprise to work. She wanted to make some achievements, so she devoted herself to her work and turned a blind eye to the suitors around her.It was not until she was 27 or 28 that Wu realized that her peers were seeing other people, some of whom were already married, while she was still single.So she began to look for a mate, but she could not find either.In a twinkling of an eye, Miss Wu was 30 years old. At this time, she was very calm on the surface, but she was very worried in the heart.Her parents began to urge her to get married, especially her mother, every time she made a phone call or met with her, she always started urging her to get married without saying a word, which made Wu very painful.At the age of 31, Wu still had not found a man to marry. She had dated several men before, but none of them came to fruition.Her mother was so angry that she began to quarrel with her, saying that she was too picky and told her to marry any man she wanted.At the end of 32 years old, Miss Wu came home for the Spring Festival. During the dinner, the mother and daughter had another big argument.Mother asked Miss Wu to go on a blind date on the second day of the New Year. She had already arranged it with her friends.But Miss Wu didn’t want to go. She thought blind date was loveless, and she hated blind date.After the quarrel, mother was running for her life, crying.Father advised Miss Wu to go on a blind date on the second day of the New Year, as a perfunctory, when said that no match, mother will not be so.Miss Wu reluctantly agreed, her mind as the completion of the task.But after going on a blind date on the second day of the New Year, the blind date fell in love with Wu at first sight and immediately pursued her.Miss Wu has no feelings for her blind date, but since he likes her so much, she will date him. Give it a try!After only half a month of dating, mother was eager to tie the knot, and they had another quarrel.Later, Miss Wu a rage, after a month with the blind date to get a certificate, and then in the two sides of the parents of the arrangement, organized a grand wedding.Miss Wu had just got married and her mother began to give birth again.Although Miss Wu felt her mother was very annoying, but she knew her mother was also good for her, so she began to prepare for pregnancy.To the third month after marriage, Miss Wu got pregnant, which was very happy, but the couple began to quarrel.Originally, the husband owed a buttock gambling debt in the outside, he married Miss Wu, is to see miss Wu’s economic conditions.Now that he is married to Miss Wu and she is pregnant, he offers to let Miss Wu help him pay his gambling debts.Miss Wu was so surprised that she was unprepared for the 300, 000 gambling debt, and of course she was unwilling to pay it back, so the couple quarreled almost every day.Noisy for more than a month, the husband saw Miss Wu determined not to help him return gambling debts, he went to the outside alongside a rich woman, but also really by him alongside a.Miss Wu left to take care of him, the couple quarreled again, they had no emotional foundation, now noisy, even less emotional.Half a year into their marriage, Miss Wu, who was already four months pregnant, went to catch an adulteress while her husband was having a tryst with a rich woman.Miss Wu destroyed her husband and rich old woman’s good thing, the husband was so angry that he stretched out his hand to beat her, but also to her stomach violently kicked two feet, Miss Wu immediately miscarried.Later, Miss Wu and her husband divorced, the husband in order to be with the rich woman together, readily signed.Dating, marriage, pregnancy, abortion and divorce made Miss Wu feel like she was in a dream.Mother was stunned at this end, which she had never dreamed of.When she got married to the old man, she did not see him for a few times before they got married, but they were fine all the time. Why couldn’t their daughter and son-in-law do the same?The mother, feeling sorry for pushing her child for marriage, has since dropped her voice.Love is not to be found, when it comes, don’t turn it down.When love doesn’t come, don’t force it. Don’t get married in a hurry just because you’re old.Flash marriage couples, most of them will have a lot of problems, because they don’t know enough before marriage.In her 20s, Miss Wu had many opportunities to make friends, but she didn’t take them well.At that time, she didn’t think it was urgent. She wanted to study well and work well, but she didn’t want to fall in love.Study and work are important, so are falling in love and getting married.A person can be a winner in life only if he manages both career and family well. Career without marriage and family alone is not perfect.Miss Wu missed the best age to find a mate. Later, because her mother urged her to get married and she was very anxious, she got married quickly.After marriage, she realized that her husband was unreliable, but she didn’t stop her losses in time and wanted to have the baby, assuming she did have the baby, it would probably be more trouble.So in the period of love, to love, do not blindly reject love.Be careful when you marry someone of good character.Miss Wu’s mother did what was best for her daughter, but ended up harming her daughter. This is a typical case of good intentions doing bad things.In the matter of finding a mate, it is no longer the age of “arranging words by parents and matchmakers”, nor is it the age of “arranging words by parents and matching words by dogs”.Parents think that once their children get married, everything will be fine, and the parents will have done their job.But in fact, marriage is only the beginning of marriage life, if the two parties are not established on the basis of love, and do not know each other, then marriage will not be happy.People all have their own destiny, a lot of things can not be forced, only when things come naturally, will be happy.For the parents of leftover men and women, it is also necessary to have a strong heart and accept their children’s status quo.If parents push the marriage too much, the children will be “desperate”, hastily married, which will be a hidden trouble for the marriage.Miss Wu’s mother was eager to get her daughter married, but her daughter was not happy after marriage and finally divorced.So love and marriage can not be forced, outsiders look very compatible with two people, may not be able to go together;A marriage that looks happy to outsiders may not feel happy to the people involved.In matters of love and marriage, parents should remind their children, but only to remind them, not to interfere too much and push them too much.Girls should seize the opportunity to seize the happiness, if there is no one you like, then wait, believe that the right one will always appear.Author: a creator in the field of emotion, focusing on a variety of issues in the field of emotion, welcome to follow.Life is warm because of love and love. Let us grow up in love and spend every day in love.