Xinjiang “winter limit”, miss another year!

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In Sailimu Lake after the emergence of the best combination of “ice halo”, Xinjiang Kaidu River beautiful “ice crack”, xinjiang in the end how many surprises are we do not know this from Xinjiang “winter limit” wonders must see!People from the south cast envious glares every winter.Because pouring water into ice is not easy to achieve these two conditions are essential outdoor temperature should be below -40℃ water temperature should be above 90℃ under the huge temperature difference between hot and cold water to achieve the effect of pouring water into ice if the outdoor temperature is not below -40℃ it doesn’t matter!In windy weather pour water into ice also possible position to pour water into ice success or not is important must be filled with hot water bottle sideways from low to high into the sky of a hard water into ice occurs during the winter is not over of a fast experience a fun to pour water into ice ice, ice eye note that this is not the special effects!Winter the lake there are some unique natural landscape in the sun, shining image: xiang sun is actually a magical landscape lake plant release of methane gas in the process of rising because of extremely cold temperature led to the “lock” too fast frozen in the ice and formed a “bubble” ice image: leave gong county media hub sayram lake “eye of the ice.Wu Hongkun see here whether also sigh as if the nature of the rime as ink painting rime in nature is so crystal clear, white is not Versailles!The rime in Xinjiang is actually very common natural landscape in the cold season due to the air in the air is too saturated with water vapor condensation China, thus forming the rime ice halo in the sky like a kaleidoscope of ice halo is not only spectacular and magical and full sense of science and technology!Ice halo is an unpredictable and transient atmospheric optical phenomenon caused by the refraction/reflection of light by ice crystals in the atmosphereIf you want to know more, come to Xinjiang and see these winter wonders for yourself!Editor: Ma Xue, Bo Bozai review: Ge Jian Supervision review: Si Yuanxun © Xinjiang is a good place Xinjiang welcomes you!