Kardan’s relatives surrendered to the Qing Dynasty for leek boxes and bean buns

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Emperor Kangxi was a bitter enemy of Gardan, and after gardan’s death Kangxi treated his body with ashes and contorted bones.However, kardan’s relatives still felt that the Qing dynasty was more humane, and many chose to return east between Tsarist Russia and the Qing Dynasty.This was because the Mongolian nobles of Weilat had an international vision and often went back and forth to Xinjiang, Central Asia, Tsarist Russia and other places. They had a clear idea of who was more advantageous to them, China or Tsarist Russia.It is true that Kangxi hated Gaerdan, but he was kinder to his descendants (compared to Chongzhen’s son) and much better than the movies and TV plays made up.The youngest son of Kardan, Sebutenbaljur, was given preferential treatment by Kangxi. Sebutenbaljur was captured by the Hami when he went hunting in the hami mountains with a small number of troops.It was true that Hami was part of Xinjiang, but it was not an inherent part of Junggar, and it took the opportunity to gain independence when Kardan fought with his nephew, Ceyan Alabtan.The feudal lords of Hami chose to take refuge in the Qing Dynasty and sent the unfortunate boy to Beijing as if he were a rare commodity.At the beginning, Kangxi also hated Wu and Wu and wanted to kill Serbutenbaljur, but he still thought it was not good to kill a minor, so he first let Serbutenbaljur walk the streets, and then locked up in a spare room near the Court of Refan, ready to kill his head when he came of age.Sebu tengbaer pearl is a few minutes after the elegant style of Liu Chan, the whole day to eat the drink, Beijing’s bean bag, leek box to eat not yiyi, keep their own fat, all day long revenge like dry rice.It was not surprising that, though he was gardan’s precious son, he had never eaten good food since he could remember, and was often hungry and full.In 1688, Gaerdan sent troops to Kalka. In 1689, Gaerdan fell out with his nephew, Ceiyan Alabtan, and the ili Valley was given to his nephew. As a result, the living standard of the Gaerdan family plummeted.In 1689, Kangxi received the gaerdan headquarters “due to internal unrest, no return to eat, introversion of looting” warning, In June that year, Kangxi got the Gaerdan “food, kill horses for food” information.Kardan swept through the Mongolian steppe like a hungry Wolf, but it did not change its economic situation for long.WuLanBu before the war, ce lab o make temple not speak ‘attack of the base, the Dan in cobb and LaoShu rob to want to cry, also let color BuTeng barr bead didn’t “feeding” (color BuTeng barr bead was most school-aged children, oirad Mongolian habits after is 13 on the battlefield, so he big probability is left behind).After the gardan withdrew to Kebuduo, but also rely on his younger brother Sangjie Jiacuo poverty relief support to barely break up.After the Zhaomotu war, Kardan, “with few cattle and sheep and many people without tents”, became a straggler on the grassland. Sembutenbaljur, a young boy, had to hunt with his subordinates and lead a peye life of starvation. Finally, he was captured alive by the Hami people.Color BuTeng barr bead custody in Beijing, although can’t eat too good things, but SAN yuan is not prison punishments, Francisco court both foreign management functions, leek box, wet skin of tofu or kind of food can guarantee, at the feast the let a person also can guarantee 200 even eat dumplings, the time will not like east Asian games half is kimchi, meeting.Sebutenbaljur was devoted to his work, “carefree, gluttonous and playful, with a very good complexion, and never fell ill since he arrived in the capital city”, which made Kangxi feel whether he had lost too much.In addition, Kangxi also saw that this boy did not have the talent of Gardan, “very short, people also under”, is a day person.Kangxi set him free on the grounds that “those who wait to be beheaded will be blessed if they wait to be beheaded”, and made the son of the enemy a first-class bodyguard.Gaer Dan’s daughter Zhong Qihai was also allowed by Kangxi to second-class Mongolian guard Shakeduer, spent a peaceful life in Beijing, relative to the blood of relatives killed in their hometown, this brother and sister’s life is still happy.It was also a state policy for the Qing emperors to give preferential treatment to the Weilat nobles, and although this policy was exploited by Amumursana, Qianlong did not change it.Dawaqi, the last great khan of junggar Khanate, was pardoned by Qianlong and married his family daughter after he was made a prince. His two sons were also arranged as guards.Dawazi, bored in Beijing, drove geese and ducks into the pond and watched them in a daze.It is not clearly recorded whether he ate Beijing roast duck (duck meat) or not, but I think it is most likely that he ate it, because Dawazi was obviously fat in Beijing and became “extremely fat, with a face larger than the plate and a waist circumference of 10”.Dawa Qi also often to Qianlong when followers, very observant price, Qianlong in mulan paddock hunting want to sit down to rest, only he prepared in advance leaves when “chair”, got qianlong money reward.It was not uncommon for the Manchu Emperor to give food to his guards and henchmen, and many of them were ducks, so it is very likely that Davazzi also ate duck.On the other hand, Tsarist Russia’s courting of the Weilat nobility was very powerful. When Peter the Great needed the Turhute cavalry, he called Ayuki to drink and wished to call him “little sweet” every day.Yekaterina and others turned into Madame Bull and imprisoned Vaubashi in Moscow.Vaubasi may not have a pure purpose (adults are not that pure), but he still knows that China’s ethnic policy is better than Russia’s.