“Spring flowers will open” folk song adaptation was recognized by the audience six network ratings first strength

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“Spring flowers will open” the second stage, this is the group singing competition system, each player has their own talents, have to say that play very big!Who can understand the unfamiliar and familiar feeling of the folk songs one after another being rearranged on this stage?I would like to dedicate the title of “treasure sound ensemble” to it!Speaking of the contestants on stage in Springtime, it was a real surprise!What do you imagine a folk singer to be?Is it a Tibetan musician like Han Hong?Or a Mongolian artist like Tenger?Please enlarge your imagination!Here, you can see gong Shuang, a top academic singer, la Danzhu, a pure and plain original ecological singer, and guo Qu, a “cattle man” who enjoys a reputation in the pop music industry.The participation of these “high quality” ordinary contestants is the biggest motivation for me to squat on TV every time!In the third program, the promotion left 20 groups of players have “magnify”!Dai Xin Monroe walk heart sing “once upon a time ice sugar gourd”, let countless people from the song to find the memory of childhood.Her simple and straightforward emotional release not only infected the audience present, but also let Tan Weiwei, beller, say “I got it this time”.MiLK MiLK band’s “Happy Sun Comes Out” sings the contemporary young people’s unique experience of this classic song.It is also amazing that Zhang Hongyu brought a series version of xintian You. This guy from Inner Mongolia directly took us to the loess filled northern Shaanxi Plateau, which attracted Bbler Tan Weiwei could not help but light up his voice and share his experience of exploring the wind.Surprisingly, there’s more than one reason why “Spring Blossoms” refreshes audiences’ goodwill.While arousing people’s attention to folk music, the program also tries to innovate in inheritance.This spirit of breaking rules and being innovative has not only won praise from mainstream media, but also reshaped the aesthetics and values of contemporary youth.There’s a reason you’re number one on four!”Spring flowers will bloom” not only the program heat, players have temperature, content more depth!It would break my heart if anyone hadn’t seen The mango channel’s new music ensemble, Spring Blossoms, OK?I really feel it!Already looking forward to the “fairy fight” next week!