Anhui Yingshang County market supervision bureau of the second night of the year to check the safety of special equipment in scenic spots

2022-05-28 0 By

China news network news in order to ensure the quality during the Spring Festival special equipment safety running smoothly, February 2, 2022 (year 2) night, on the small county in anhui market supervision bureau party member Yang Chuanwu led related stock room staff to the 4 a scenic spots home garden security checks, the scenic spot, head of market supervision and jurisdiction by staff to participate in the examination.The inspection team went deep into the scenic spot to inspect the safety, fees and prices of special equipment in the scenic spot. In addition to the on-site inspection, it also focused on the use registration, regular inspection, daily inspection, hidden trouble investigation and management of the equipment, as well as the implementation of emergency drills and emergency measures.The inspection team required the removal of the 4 amusement facilities found in the inspection to prevent the infringement of tourists.Inspection team requirements, special equipment use units to further improve safety awareness, implement special equipment safety main responsibility, strengthen hidden trouble investigation, strengthen maintenance, ensure the safe operation of special equipment.The inspection team emphasizes that the amusement facilities with hidden dangers should be stopped, rectified, and seized, and the hidden dangers should be resolutely eliminated.At the same time, the scenic spot should charge fees in accordance with the provisions, and forbid illegal acts such as arbitrary price rises and arbitrary fees, so as to ensure the masses of people to spend a safe and happy holiday.(Correspondent Xie Hui)