Liling Postal administration to carry out law enforcement inspection to tighten the burden of epidemic prevention and control delivery enterprises

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Check the site.Rednet time on March 23 (correspondent Yang Juanjuan) according to the unified deployment of liling Municipal Party Committee and municipal government, combined with the actual situation of the city’s postal and express industry epidemic prevention and control work, starting from March 23, Liling City Transport Bureau Party group specialized in liling city transport comprehensive administrative law enforcement brigade from the competent force,Cooperated with the Postal Administration of Liling to supervise and inspect the epidemic prevention and control work of the postal express industry in Liling, and formed a joint force to inspect 14 delivery sites under the jurisdiction.During the inspection, law enforcement officers check whether all the receiving and sending items are 100% disinfected by the delivery enterprises, whether all the incoming and outgoing personnel are 100% registered, scanned, temperature measured and wearing masks, and whether all the employees are 100% nucleic acid tested as required by on-site inquiry, reading the books, on-site inspection and monitoring data.Whether all people coming or returning from other places are 100% registered and reported to the “four New 100% requirements for epidemic prevention and control”.Law enforcement personnel focused on the inspection of business venues and transport vehicles, express delivery once every two hours disinfection records and signs.Check the site.For comprehensive standardized management, liling postal service in 188 in the city to delivering places posted on the further strengthen epidemic prevention and control work measures during the period of notice “, at the same time making issued the visitor registration form “(back) from other cities personnel examination registration form” the disinfection registration form “the special forms, such as” registration form “from personnel of course of temperatureA color wall map of the Guidelines for Courier Delivery of Epidemic Prevention during the Epidemic has been issued, with a unified format and standardized use to ensure that all epidemic prevention measures are implemented in detail.During the inspection, law enforcement officials stressed that all delivery enterprises should fully recognize the complexity, long-term nature and uncertainty of the normal epidemic prevention and control, resolutely eliminate the fluke mentality and careless thinking, and further strengthen the awareness of prevention and control of the epidemic.The measures of “temperature measurement, scanning code, and wearing masks” should be implemented on a regular basis, and employees should do a good job in self-screening and monitoring. Every link should be kept in line, and a firewall should be built to block the spread of the virus.It was found that most of the delivery companies could carry out code scanning, temperature measurement and indoor disinfection in accordance with the epidemic prevention and control requirements, but some terminal outlets still had lax disinfection records, customers entering without masks, and incomplete registration records.In view of the discovery of the problem, the inspection team immediately issued written rectification notice, ordered rectification within a limited time.For 3 companies issue is prominent, the collective interview meeting, the meeting from personnel protection, postal express mail sanitizers, xiaosha environment three aspects puts forward prevention and control management requirements, to the enterprise put forward the problems and questions on-site solutions, asking each enterprise to carry out the epidemic prevention and control main body responsibility, item by item according to requirements of the rectification notice to carry out the fine adjustment, to ensure the rectification in place,In addition, a long-term mechanism should be established to ensure that epidemic prevention and control work in the industry is foolproof.Interview companies.The joint inspection standardized the epidemic prevention requirements of the industry, so that the delivery enterprises have a deeper understanding of strengthening epidemic prevention and control work, creating a good delivery environment for epidemic prevention and control work, and more effectively protect people’s health and life safety.