Track!Twelve ground locks installed in public parking Spaces of a project in high-tech Zone have been removed

2022-05-28 0 By

On February 25, Chinese – two of the three mile information to “what happened? Municipal public charge parking space is installed to lock a project site, the public parking space to install to lock down! 12? Construction units installed lock led discontent” title of baoji high-tech harmony road, jinxiu road municipal public charge parking space by shui yun jiangnan project construction unit 12 lock to install.Zhang said, “My car has been sitting in a municipal parking space near my community. From February 22, these parking Spaces were suddenly installed with floor locks. Finally, I asked the toll collector to find out that they were installed by shui Yun Jiangnan project construction workers.The parking space in the surrounding area is already quite tight, so they operate so that others did not park.”A toll collector in charge of this section told reporters: “the installation of the lock is the site and their company contact, he is not very clear about this, after the installation, I also reported to the company.”Shuiyun Jiangnan staff said: “the lock is the project construction unit installed, mainly because the project construction will be concerned about the safety of parking vehicles.”Subsequently, the reporter communicated the situation with the parking management unit, and they also went to the scene for investigation.At the same time, the management company said that additional floor locks are not allowed and will be removed as soon as possible.At 11:00 on February 25th, the reporter received a reply from a staff member of Baoji Zhibao Intelligent Traffic Management Co., LTD., who said that the 12 ground locks had been removed. The next step will be the yellow line, and the parking space will be restored after the completion of the project construction.Huashang Daily reporter Dong Xiaoming editor Wen Weicheng