Datong Xinqiao Maternity Hospital stays true to its original aspiration and constantly improves its diagnosis and treatment techniques

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Datong Xinqiao Maternity Hospital is a modern professional maternity hospital approved by Datong Health Bureau.At present, there are obstetrics center, gynecology center, infertility center, maternity center, health management center and other departments, committed to building a high-end obstetrics and gynecology hospital in Datong city, the health first choice for thousands of happy families.With a strong medical team, Datong Xinqiao Maternity Hospital adheres to talent development and creates a harmonious professional brand.We have a strong team of medical experts with rich clinical experience and outstanding professional technology. We have accumulated excellent professional technical level and rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of common gynecological diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and intractable diseases.It pays close attention to the latest medical trends at home and abroad, updates medical technology in time, provides professional and authoritative medical and health services, and escorts women’s health.In order to provide a more reliable guarantee for clinical diagnosis and treatment, Datong Xinqiao Maternity Hospital has invested in the introduction of ADVANCED diagnosis and treatment equipment such as GE-E8 four-dimensional color ultrasound, the new generation of American LEEP knife, color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument, German laparoscopic, postpartum rehabilitation treatment instrument and so on.For effective and rapid solution of gynecological diseases to provide more advanced treatment technology.To provide painless, minimally invasive and efficient medical services for the majority of female friends, and provide a solid guarantee for women’s health.The obstetrical diagnosis and treatment center of Datong Xinqiao Maternity Hospital is well cared for by authoritative specialists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, maternal and infant nurses, senior midwives, physical rehabilitation coaches, psychological consultants and nutritionists, providing 24-hour medical center level medical care.Comfortable and Safe Service Datong Xinqiao Maternity Hospital integrates Hospital standards, Hotel services, Home and Harem, allowing customers to enjoy the happiness of international medical care in a warm environment.The hospital pays attention to every customer’s admission feeling, and integrates the warmth of family into every corner of the hospital.When you enter Xinqiao, you will be greeted with a warm and elegant medical environment. Instead of the crowded and indifferent traditional hospitals, you will find appointment based medical service without waiting and the kind reception and care of medical staff.In the ward, the large kitchen, refrigerator, TV, sofa and other facilities, as well as the small toilet supplies, bring every customer like home comfort and warmth.Over the past 18 years, Datong Xinqiao Women’s Hospital has always remained true to its original aspiration. With superb medical skills, good medical ethics and a strong expert team, it has been striving to build a brand of women’s hospital by constantly improving its diagnosis and treatment technology and service quality.In the coming years, datong New Overseas Chinese maternity hospital firmly believes that with the care and support of leaders at all levels, brother units and friends from all walks of life as always, and the unity and struggle of the whole hospital staff, datong New Overseas Chinese maternity hospital will be able to constantly surpass itself and create new brilliance!