Gaotai County: grasp the real labor transfer to promote the transfer of employment

2022-05-29 0 By

This year, gaotai County Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, in accordance with the working ideas of “government promotion, market leading, supply and demand docking, stable employment”, relying on the “1+8” county and town labor market service layout, improve the employment docking mechanism, encourage labor intermediary agencies to play the main role of the market, seize the time node,We will guide labor dispatch and other intermediary agencies to use new online media such as Kuaishou and Tiktok to promote employment, consult policies and release human resources information in a standardized manner, so that urban and rural workers can enjoy quality and efficient employment services without leaving home.At the same time, we will send policies, jobs, information, and services to villages and enterprises, and organize the rational and orderly transfer of surplus rural labor in a point-to-point, one-stop manner.Combined with various special recruitment activities such as “Spring Breeze Action” in 2022, the company held 60 special “Live broadcast with Posts” and online job fairs, 12 offline job fairs and 9 farewell parties for migrant workers.More than 130 enterprises participated in the job fair, covering processing and manufacturing, food processing, service and other industries, providing more than 3,100 jobs. More than 12,000 leaflets of various policy publicity and job information were distributed on site, and more than 800 people achieved employment intentions.Up to now, 23,000 people (18,500 within the province and 4,435 outside the province) have been transferred to urban and rural labor force, realizing 110 million yuan of labor income. 1,557 people (1,088 within the province and 469 outside the province) have been transferred out of poverty, including 1,245 people who have been organized to transfer, realizing 6.3879 million yuan of labor income.(County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau: Wang Wu, Li Yongwei)