High qiu, privy councilor Tong Guan, Tai Shi CAI Jing, who is the biggest?

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In the water margin of tong Guan on high Qiu and Tai Shi CAI Jing polite add, claiming to be a subordinate, so it can be seen that high Qiu and Tai Shi CAI Jing than privy envoy Tong Guan big many.And gao Qiu and Tong Guan discuss to deal with the person such as Song Jiang, Tai Shi CAI Jing appears, two people are very respectful to Tai Shi again, explain CAI Jing is greater than high qiu, so the ranking in water outlaws is very simple, Tai Shi CAI Jing is greater than Tai Wei high Qiu, gao Qiu is greater than Tong Guan.Of course, the outlaws of the Marsh was written by Shi Naian of the Ming Dynasty, but because Shi Naian was born in the Ming Dynasty and separated from the Yuan Dynasty, a lot of information is missing, and Shi Naian did not have the network to check the information at that time, so the official position of the outlaws of the Marsh is often mistaken, many are not the official position of the Song Dynasty, this example is very many.For example, wu Song’s position as the head of the capital is obvious in the outlaws of the Marsh. The head of the capital is the police captain of a county, who manages the public security of the county.In fact, Du Tou was a very large official in the Tang Dynasty. The eunuchs in power recruited 54 du du, the new army of the gods. The officers of each du du were called Du generals or du Tou, and du Tou was the commander of an army with at least several thousand men in charge.In the Song Dynasty, dutou became subordinate officials. No matter the Ma army or the Bujun army, each dutou numbered only 100, equivalent to the current company commander. In the Yuan Dynasty, Dutou was lower, and they were in charge of public security in the village.Therefore, Shi Naian may have assigned wu Song a dutou position by combining the military post in the Song dynasty with the dutou position in charge of public security in the Yuan Dynasty, while there was no dutou position at the county level in the Song Dynasty.In the Northern Song Dynasty, this was not a regular official post at all, but in the event of a war, one of the generals was temporarily selected to be in charge of the capital, which would be cancelled when the war was over.In the Southern Song Dynasty, the capital was regarded as an official position. In order to recover the military power of the generals, Emperor Gaozong of Song took the generals under his command and commanded the army.Therefore, it was not the official position of the Northern Song dynasty at all. Shi Naian mistakenly assigned the official position of the Southern Song Dynasty to the Northern Song Dynasty.Still have the mistake of respect of a lot of official posts of course, differ enumerating, say the high qiu on history only, tong Guan of privy envoy, tai shi CAI Jing, whose official post is big after all?The high qiu of taiwei high qiu on history actually existence feeling is weaker, song Dynasty does not have special biography to introduce him, so his position and tong Guan wait for person can’t compare.Nevertheless the circumstance of tall qiu make a fortune, it is quite similar in history and novel, because of su Shi recommend, let tall qiu obtain be in small king all tai Wei (the king xian on history) the opportunity that be on duty.Wang Xian is the brother-in-law of Emperor Shen of song Dynasty, married princess of shu of the younger sister of Emperor Shen of Song Dynasty, it is emperor Hui of Song Dynasty (the son of Emperor Shen of Song Dynasty) uncle, but Wang Xian is the person that likes to attract a bee to introduce a butterfly, the princess suffers wang Xian to be neglected before one’s death, so that the princess dies young.After song Shenzong knew, he vented his anger to Wang Xian and demoted him directly to Junzhou. After Song Shenzong died, Wang Xian just returned to the Capital.After the death of Emperor Shenzong of the Song Dynasty, the son of Emperor Shenzong of the Song Dynasty, Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty, succeeded to the throne.King Xian has talent to learn very much, like danqing, still be painter, so with end king two people friendship is pretty good.Once two people met on the road, duan Wang because his hair is a bit messy, want to use a grate knife to tidy up, found no carry.Used the grate knife of King Xian, end king to king Xian grate knife have a special preference, King Xian expresses home still have one identical, then just had let high qiu give end king to send grate knife course.And high qiu seized this opportunity, in front of the king to show the ball skills, so the king more than accept the uncle’s grate knife, together with the man who sent the grate knife are accepted, high Qiu also become the end king’s playmate.A few years later, Song Zhezong died childless, and Empress Dowager Gao (song Shenzong’s biological mother) installed King Zhao Ji as emperor, who also changed from an idle king to the ninth emperor.High qiu serves as the new emperor’s playmate and confidant, natural rising tide lifts all boats, step by step become the palace commander.Song Hui zong promotes gao Qiu is really painstaking, because gao Qiu has no merit, it is very difficult to become a civil servant, Hui Zong can only let gao Qiu become military officer.But the service system of the Song Dynasty is still more sound, no military service is not able to do the commander of the palace, so Huizong let high Qiu follow general Liu Zhongwu to establish service gold.Recant of Song Huizong promote, tall qiu rises naturally very fast, stem to dian shuai directly finally.First high qiu tasted for the end of the king’s official residence, ascend ascend, want to show it.Old law, unless there is a side work, can not be three ya.When (Liu) Zhongwu is handsome, qiu belongs to, qiu jing to edge work to the temple handsome.”South of song dynasty cross 10 general pass” after tall qiu becomes forbidding army general, played many fancy dress, meng Yuan of northern Song dynasty person is in “Tokyo dream hua lu” in record, tall qiu is in forbidding army does army to contend for mark competition, its purpose is not to raise army combat capacity, to please song Huizong however.Before the competition for the prize, the competition for the prize would be played with blows and blows to make the pageantry come out. Later, the competition for the prize would also be played with various new tricks such as “xuan Luo”, “hai Yan” and “Jiao Tou”. Anyway, it was very lively, and Emperor Huizong was very satisfied with it.Additional, tall qiu still encroach barracks, occupy prohibitive army to oneself work, do not take charge of the training problem of prohibitive army at all, bring about prohibitive army combat effectiveness more weak finally, gold army comes, hundreds of thousands of prohibitive army makes bird and beet very quickly come loose, so tall qiu is inferior to the combat effectiveness of prohibitive army, still have responsibility.But tall qiu has a bit better, that is he is grateful for a plan to report, it is said, because su Shi had helped him in those days, so later su Shi’s posterity got the arrangement of tall Qiu and take care of.The outcome of high qiu is also better than tong Guan et al a lot, jin Jun goes south, high Qiu and tong Guan et al follow Song Huizong to flee to the south, on the way tong Guan and high Qiu because of conflict, tong Guan doesn’t let high Qiu follow Huizong, order high Qiu to ban wei three thousand stay in Sizhou, control the huai Jin.Tong Guan squire huizong and others continued to go south, and Gao Qiu then returned to Kaifeng on the grounds of illness.In this way, Gao Qiu did not participate in the conflict between Huizong and Qinzong and was saved from death. Gao Qiu died of illness before the Jin Army came.The descendants of high Qiu also did not receive move even, continue to be an official in the Southern Song Dynasty, some have done the duke of the state, have to say high Qiu is really good luck.Gao Qiu’s palace commander, in fact, in history is called the palace before all command, is the chief of the palace, in charge of the palace before the army.The Imperial Army of the Song Dynasty was the main force under the control of the central government, while the other subordinate and township armies were the second – and third-line troops responsible for transporting grain and general military work in peacetime, while the imperial army and border defense forces were mainly responsible for foreign wars.Song Taizu learned from the lesson that the central government of the Tang Dynasty was subject to the local government. After the founding of the Song Dynasty, he put more emphasis on civil affairs than military affairs, and controlled more than half of the forbidden army in the vicinity of the Capital Division, resulting in a situation of heavy inside and light outside.Such a place did not have a strong fighting force, naturally unable to confront the Imperial Division.Zhao Kuangyin made his fortune by relying on the Imperial army. Before he became the emperor, he was the chief inspector in front of the palace. Therefore, after he ascended the throne, he attached great importance to the control of the Imperial army.In the song Dynasty, the Praetorian army was at first controlled by two departments, namely, the Department of Dian Qian and the Department of Imperial Guards, which was in charge of the Praetorian Guard during the Five Dynasties.In the beginning, there was no dian Qianshi, but only the Wei Qinjun Department, which had great power. In many dynasties of the Five Dynasties, the officers of the Wei Qinjun Department commanded too much power. Therefore, in the later Zhou Dynasty, during the reign of Emperor Shizong Chai Rong, a Dian Qianshi department was set up to control part of the forbidden army and restrict the Wei Qinjun Department.Song MAO period, before the song dynasty imperial is the temple and guards close military control, the temple before the company’s chief executive is tally, because before the song taizu emperor, he worked as a check, so later the tally is no one, no one more than all the tally, even vice tally were abolished, the temple before the company’s highest military attache is all command to make.Zhao Kuangyin divided the imperial guard into two departments, ma Junshi and Bu Junshi, which formed two departments, each with a general commander, a deputy general commander and a General yu Hou. Together with the General of the Palace, there were three departments in charge of the forbidden army, which was called “Sanya”, so as to prevent the generals from becoming bigger and dispersing their powers.Sanya’s commander, deputy commander and Commander were all military officers of the forbidden army. The commander in front of the palace was the highest in rank, from the second grade military officer, and the commander in front of the palace was zhengwupin. The commander in front of the palace was higher in rank than the commander in front of the palace.The unified military officers, in addition to the nine leaders of the sanya, and holding the Day tianwu sixiang command and dragon God wei Sixiang command, a total of eleven unified military officers, respectively leading their respective prohibitions.High qiu is the department before the temple all command make, it is forbidden military officer inside the highest level, song Huizong period of the three public taiwei abolish, with the highest rank of military generals called “Taiwei”, so high qiu is taiwei, naturally called the palace commander office Taiwei.Before the house is made in charge of the part of the imperial command, high Qiu is eleven officer inside a armies, song dynasty three official in charge of the imperial, also in charge of kaifeng, the capital of public security, the former department of miyagi (ouchi), tube Ma Junsi tube inside the old city (town), the army division tube new town (outer urban), so the high Qiu including commander of kaifeng.In addition, high Qiu also granted “open office instrument with three division”, is a false job from one product.Privy envoy Tong Guan Tong guan also has the person in history, it is the famous “Tokyo six thieves” one of, so tong Guan wants more than high qiu famous, not only because tong Guan is an adulterous minister, but because tong Guan power than high qiu big much, influence is also big.When tong Guan was a child, he became a eunuch in the palace, under the eunuch Li Xian, because he was clever and good at catering to the emperor, so he was promoted.When CAI Jing was an official in the capital, he had helped Tong Guan. When CAI Jing became prime minister, he also helped Tong Guan.When CAI Jing became the prime minister, he agreed to conquer the Qing Dynasty and recommended Tong Guan to be the military commander. The Song Dynasty often sent eunuchs to supervise military generals when they went out to fight, and their status was higher than that of military commanders.Song Huizong let Wang Hou as commander, Tong Guan for the supervision of the army, 100,000 troops to forge ahead in the Qing Tang.After the army set out for Huangzhou, the palace caught fire. Emperor Huizong of Song sent someone to inform Tong Guan that he was forbidden to send troops. However, Tong Guan directly put the emperor’s order aside and continued to advance.Tong Guan after the battle gold plated, promotion quickly, soon, Tong Guan for The City river Lanhuang, Qinfeng road to appease the system, Wukang army.Tong Guan promoted the general officer, not through the prime minister CAI Jing, directly to the emperor, which caused the antipathy of CAI Jing, Song Huizong wanted to appoint Tong Guan as the opening ceremony with the three division.CAI Jing was against it. Kaifu Yi and the three secretaries were called “ministers” in the Song Dynasty and held a very high position. CAI Jing said, “How can a minister be appointed to a eunuch?”CAI Jing refused to obey orders.However, Tong Guan was able to gain the trust of Emperor Huizong of Song, and CAI Jing could not stop tong Guan’s promotion. Tong Guan went on a diplomatic mission to the Khitan, and came back to gradually control the military and political power, as kaifu Yi and the third department, but also entered the privy Council, became privy envoy, control the military power.In the Song Dynasty, the privy councillor was the highest officer of the Privy Council, with the power to transfer troops, and his position was above that of the Sanya. Although the power of transferring troops to the Privy Council was ultimately vested in the emperor, the privy councillor’s power was equal to that of the prime minister.Tong Guan also led the northwest military affairs, and in the Western Xia war, Tong Guan forced general Liu, Liu died in battle, Tong Guan hide failure, to the imperial court, baiguan into the palace to celebrate, in fact, hate to Tong Guan gnashed teeth.Tong Guan also suppressed the Uprising of Fang La, tong Guan moved to tai Shi, the title of duke.Taishi is a false post, but can become taishi, enough to explain the high status of Tong Guan.CAI Jing is also taishi, or prime minister, so CAI Jing is called “public phase”, Tong Guan is “Xiangxiang phase”.Tong Guan supported the Song dynasty and allied with the Jin to destroy the Liao. Song Huizong ordered Tong Guan to lead his army to attack Yanjing and return to the capital, which completely exposed the weakness of the Song Army and eventually led to the jin army’s southward march.Tong Guan bought back the land of Yan Zhao captured by jin Army with heavy money. Huizong of Song dynasty issued an edits to Tong Guan to reclaim the land of Yan, and granted him the title of King of Guangyang, becoming the only eunuch in Song Dynasty.However, when the Jin army moved south, Tong Guan and Song Huizong fled to the south. They were regarded by Song Qinzong as a party of the Supreme Emperor. Tong Guan was caught in a power struggle between the two hui Qin clans, and was beheaded to the public.Tong Guan master military power twenty years, the power is very big, not at all high qiu can be compared, the song Dynasty army management and training to three ya, high Qiu have the administration of the army, but the adjustment of military power and lead the army to battle, are tong Guan is responsible for, and Tong Guan or tai shi, is a product, certainly higher than high qiu too high.Tai shi CAI Jing tai shi CAI Jing, “Six thieves in Tokyo”, the first of the jin Shi, when know kaifeng House, that is, Bao Zheng when the official, although the folk are called Kaifeng house Yin, in fact, the house Yin is the crown prince, the civil officer is known Kaifeng House.CAI Jing was promoted to the position of prime minister by Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty. He dismissed the prime minister for several times and served as the prime minister again. He held the power of the prime minister for 17 years.In the end, CAI Jing was liquated by the Government of the Song Dynasty, when the Jin army moved south, CAI Jing was involved in the power struggle between hui and Qin, CAI Jing was demoted, on the road CAI Jing took gold and silver to buy things, it can be seen that people hated him, finally CAI Jing starved to death on the road.After CAI Jing starved to death, his sons were liquidated, either killed or exiled, and CAI Jing became the head of the “Six Thieves of Tokyo.”CAI Jing is a prime minister, or song Huizong did not reform before the Taiwei, he this Taiwei is three gonglevel taiwei, completely not high qiu taiwei can be compared, CAI Jing also ranks the Taishi, in charge of Shang Shu, shu, menxia three provinces, the administrative power of the court completely fell to CAI Jing hands.Summary: Therefore, according to the situation of high official status in the Song Dynasty, CAI Jing as prime minister, certainly higher than Tong Guan and high qiu too high, but Tong Guan can not be calculated as a military general, he also served as a tai shi, is a high official, so Tong Guan and CAI Jing status is about the same, two people are mutually unconvinced.As for high Qiu, cannot compare with CAI, tong guan, he is just a small role, so the location in the water margin is completely opposite, tong guan is not possible for high Qiu says “XiaGuan”, because bei fled south, tong guan is high command Qiu don’t follow, can be shown directly from here can command high Qiu tong guan, high Qiu true than tong guan.