Price drop over 50%!Do you like this spring vegetable?

2022-05-31 0 By

Spring vegetable Chinese toon has been listed in jiading’s major food market recently.These two days, the reporter visits each big dish market discovery, give priority to with Chinese toon “spring vegetable” price fell many, how does everybody like to cook Chinese toon?In the morning of March 26, in jiading industrial zone, many business stalls are placed on the Chinese toon, compared with the previous period of time, the price of Chinese toon has dropped a lot.When just appearing on the market, Chinese toon price once rose to 160 yuan/catty, according to taste and kind now different, every catty price falls back to 40-70 yuan.Ms. Yuan is buying Chinese toon booth, ready to go home to do Chinese toon fried eggs, “like this taste, before the Internet said that this is vegetables in the ‘Hermes’, now a catty 50 yuan, compared to just listed or a lot of cheap.””Our red toona comes from Sichuan.Recently, the price of Chinese toon dropped a lot, these two days the price in 55-60 yuan/catty, than the peak at least half.However, compared to other vegetables, it is still more expensive, so so far sales are not high, we will be careful to stock.”Manage door Guo Chun expresses, when Chinese toon just appeared on the market is tender, older and older again in the future, the price also can drop slowly.Every spring is the season for Chinese toon leaves, which can be sold from around March until May.”There is also a green toon with a longer, older stick that costs about half as much as the red.”In addition to the Chinese toon, the price of other spring vegetables in the vegetable market has also declined, some time ago selling 35 yuan/jin of spring bamboo shoots, now the market price of 13 yuan/jin, broad beans from just listed 10 yuan/jin dropped to 7 yuan/jin.In addition, the Yumin Market strengthened the implementation of epidemic prevention measures, citizens must show “two codes and two certificates” to enter the market, and business owners must wear masks. At the same time, the market opened from 7 to 10 and 14 to 17 hours a day, with limited flow and hours for disinfection.Next, according to the farm regulations, the operator must wear a face screen and gloves.Source: Jiading, Shanghai