Zhengzhou campus star student: Li Zhongyuan, full of vitality of Chinese painting girl!

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Chinese painting has a history of thousands of years and has rich forms of expression.There are always some young men like the eight o ‘clock sun in the morning, breathing new life into this ancient art!We carefully record her growth, invite you to witness!Li Zhongyuan li Zhongyuan is a lively and clever eight-year-old girl. She usually learns Chinese painting from Teacher Zhang Jianrong.Yuan Yuan is very talented in painting, and she likes it very much. She has a strong understanding ability, which is also the reason why she makes progress faster than her peers.Li Zhongyuan now has a certain knowledge of Traditional Chinese painting, composition, layout and brush skills.She is not only more and more interested in painting, more and more detailed, more and more progress, but also in the imperceptible improvement of the state of mind.In addition to Chinese painting, she also likes steam programming, swimming and other projects.New Year’s resolution is to have a pair of beautiful roller skates, it seems also want to learn roller skating.Her motto is: Read ten thousand books, travel ten thousand miles.Round the hobby widespread instructor remarks yuan yuan is a great student, has the strong modeling ability, active thinking, work of each class both in practice and can make the teacher have unexpected good effect, serious solid classroom performance, a degree of certainty in the traditional Chinese painting ability and development ability, may you in constant exploration in the future days, every day there are new harvest!– Instructor: Zhang Jianrong Traditional Chinese painting, can well express personal feelings, but also summarized some refined images, can really show the sublimation of reality and inner expression.Therefore, learning Chinese painting can make children have a higher level of artistic thinking.Congratulations to Li Zhongyuan for being the star student of the week every progress is worth cherishing!– the END —