Yongzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Nursing Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine harvest loyal “fans”

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Rednet moment March 16 news (correspondent CAI Huiying) “Thank you very much ah!I chose the right hospital!After treatment, MY head is not dizzy and my heart is not panicked. I can sleep well and walk with vigor.”Insomnia patient Yang said happily.Yang mou, 73 years old this year, has suffered from insomnia for more than 10 years, tossing and turning in many hospitals, taking a pile of drugs, but the effect is not ideal.Can not sleep at night, in the daytime, irritable temper, high blood pressure for a long time heart problems, Yang suffering unspeakable.Through the introduction of people, holding the mood to try, to yongzhou city hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine nursing outpatient clinic.Nursing expert Jiang Jing carefully inquire about the medical history, see tongue coating, pulse diagnosis and other systems of Traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, syndrome differentiation, the use of head and face acupoint massage and scraping treatment.Yang fell asleep during the first treatment, and half a month later, his sleep quality improved significantly.Yang pleasantly surprised to tell his wife, Yongzhou city hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine worth a try.Yang’s wife suffers from cervical spondylosis, cerebral arteriosclerosis, always dizziness, hand numbness, nursing experts to develop a head and neck massage scraping, fire dragon pot and other treatment plan.After a course of treatment, Yang’s wife felt dizziness symptoms reduced, the whole person refreshed.Now, Yang mou and his wife become loyal to the hospital “fans”, meet people kua Chinese medicine nursing clinic treatment effect is good, nurses treat people friendly, meticulous!At present, Yongzhou City hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine nursing clinic has carried out more than 30 characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine nursing technology, through the professional theory of traditional Chinese medicine, rich clinical experience, strict disinfection environment, intimate service, for the masses of health into new vitality.