Zhengzhou network promotion website home page in optimization need to pay attention to what details?

2022-06-01 0 By

Zhengzhou network promotion optimization personnel at the time of optimizing, attaches great importance to optimization of the home page, because the homepage for the entire site, is also very important, the homepage layout is good, can better improve the overall site’s ranking and weights, then for optimization which need to pay attention to the details of the home page?The following Zhengzhou network promotion will take you to understand.1, domain name unique as we all know, search engines every day will include a lot of website home page, it is inevitable that there will be repeated home page, so at this time, you put the site home page optimization is very good, will cause the attention of the search engine, let the site become more unique, so that the site is more popular.2, advertising image size for the front page site optimization, sometimes often below the navigation rolling big advertising images, zhengzhou network promotion proposal, so this time we just adjust the picture size and clarity, can effectively reduce the influence on site speed, easier for users to open the site faster, improve the user experience.3, homepage paging robots shield some enterprises using CMS to create the official website, the homepage usually produces paging columns, and in order to avoid the effect of multiple page turning by users, it is also suggested that we should use robots to shield the homepage paging, which is conducive to users quickly find the information they need;The above is a summary of zhengzhou network promotion for you to optimize the skills of the home page, through the introduction of the above I believe we also have more understanding of this, to help the website better development, promote the continuous improvement of the website, so that the website is more and more popular.