Sophomore students of Hanjiang Normal University save people on New Year’s Eve

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China education news – China education news network news (reporter correspondent ink Zhou Jingyu has Chinese redbud) on January 31, New Year’s eve, the night lights, family reunions, the han normal college sophomore students Chen Xingtian regardless of personal safety, plunged into the cold water YongJiu woman drowning, saved a young life.Countless netizens, teachers and students have praised him after his saving story spread.Chen Xingtian is hubei Shiyan Zhushan chengguan town.On The evening of New Year’s Eve, he went out for a walk after dinner. When he came near the Three Bridges of Zhushan not far from home, he suddenly heard a loud and urgent cry for help: “Help!Someone’s overboard!”Chen Xingtian followed the sound and saw a man floating about 10 meters away from the bank of the Sanqiao river.It was nearly 10 o ‘clock and there were few people on the road.Knowing some water, Chen Xingtian did not hesitate, immediately took off his coat and jumped into the river to save people.The water situation near the Three Bridges is more complex, not only sediment, but also unfathom depth, undercurrent surging.As soon as Chen entered the water, his feet got stuck in the mud. After struggling for two or three meters, he ran out of places to put his feet.The night light is very dark, some short-sighted Chen Xingtian quickly turned around, asked the shore of several citizens to open the mobile phone lighting, then toward the drowning position to swim.Five or six meters into the icy, fast-flowing water, Chen began to find it difficult to breathe and to swim stiffly.But when he saw the drowning man still drifting down the river, he continued to swim, ignoring the possibility that he, too, might cramp and drown.Chen xingtian managed to swim to the drowning man, who was unable to move.He grabbed the drowning man by the feet and swam to shore.About three meters from the shore, Chen xingtian lost his strength.At this time, the shore and some more people heard the news, a man can swim into the water, Chen Xingtian and the drowning together to pull ashore.After the rescue, Chen Xingtian found that the drowning is a young woman, has been unconscious, Chen Xingtian use learned first aid knowledge, immediately to the drowning of artificial respiration and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.A few minutes later, a pedestrian who knew first aid took over from Chen, who continued to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation due to exhaustion.At this point, the woman began to return to normal.After firefighters and medical staff arrived, Chen xingtian helped firefighters carry the woman into an ambulance on a stretcher.It is understood that Chen Xingtian rescued the drowning people have come to life and their vital signs are stable.Zhushan County Traditional Chinese medicine hospital first aid personnel introduction, Chen Xingtian took a series of first aid measures, to the later treatment has great help.After the news of Chen xingtian’s rescue spread, his hometown residents praised him and left a message: “The river in winter is cold, but the heart is warm.””Thumbs up for such an excellent college student!Thumbs up to his teachers and parents!”Chen Xingtian is now studying in hanjiang Normal University College of Literature language education major, as the class organization member and psychological member.Versatile, he has written screenplays, as a scriptwriter, many excellent works of the academy from his hands.This time, Chen xingtian himself becomes the “main character” in the script, about which he is calm: “In such a critical moment, I also worried about my own safety, but when I saw a living life about to be swallowed by the river, I could not think of anything else, only to save people.”Chen xingtian said he was glad that he had learned first-aid skills at school, which came in handy at critical moments.In the future encounter such a situation, will still do their best to help.Authors: Cheng Mo zhou Jingyu Shang Zijing